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Pearce Family

Who Are We?

We're a family who left behind our suburban lifestyle in the USA to explore the world together and expand our horizons while educating our kids and running an online business. Read more about us.

Making Work Meaningful

When I created Music Teacher's Helper ten years ago, it was to solve a need that I had in my own life -- to better organize my student lesson schedules and payments. I decided to turn it into a "business" for two reasons. One, because other teachers expressed interest in it. And two, to provide for my family without being dependent on an employer. I've learned ... Read More

Sojourning in Southwest England

Welcome! We're glad you've decided to click over here. This is Jennifer writing today. I invite you to make up a pot of your favorite brew, and relax into your most comfortable nook, as you journey with us on our road trip through Southwest England. As a word of warning, our modus operandi as it relates to traveling, tends to be a very spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants ty... Read More

English Hospitality

Have you ever been welcomed into a friend's home with such kindness and generosity that your heart practically bleeds with gratitude? That's how we feel after spending 12 days at the Clark family's house near Brighton, England. We first met the Clarks in Bali last year. Their kids are similar a... Read More

Lazy in London

We were so grateful to have booked an apartment for 10 days in London because in the past two months, we hadn't stayed in any place for longer than a week, and in the past two weeks, we hadn't stayed anywhere longer than two nights! So, we were quite worn out and ready to stay "home" and recover for a while. This worked out rather well because London is an extremely expensive city,... Read More

Land of the Leprechauns

We'd dreamed of visiting Ireland for years, with its green rolling hills and charming old castles. We booked a one way ticket in case we decided to stay a while, but ten days ended up being plenty for us, mostly because of the weather, which was colder and cloudier than we preferred. There was a light drizzle of rain almost daily, and we kept our jackets on most of the time. ... Read More

Of Families and Mountains

From my beautiful sister's wedding in a campground near Pocatello, Idaho, to beautiful drives through Yellowstone National Park and the Teton mountains near Jackson, Wyoming, and ending with a family reunion at Bear Lake, we had a busy but enjoyable time during our last week in the USA this trip. It started with a flight from Seattle. We'd driven down from Vanco... Read More

Vancouver, British Columbia

As we drove into Vancouver, Canada, our first impressions were that it was HUGE!!! High-rise apartment and office buildings flooded the skyline, traffic was jam-packed, and so many people were walking around that it felt like we were in a big Asian city again. We'd expect to see that many people outside if there were a festival or concert ending, but it was just a regular weekday... Read More

Butchart Gardens and Salt Spring Island

Just 30 minutes north of downtown Victoria, Canada, lies the world-famous Butchart Gardens. With a Japanese garden, Italian garden, rose garden, and more, all within a beautiful setting of trees, fountains, and statues, it's a lovely place to spend a day. During our visit, the weather was perfect, if not a bit on the hot and sunny side, and we spent several hours walking around and enjoying the fl... Read More

Charming Victoria

Crossing the border from the US to Canada was the most painless land border crossing ever. We didn't even need to get out of our car. We just handed our passports to the man in the booth, answered 5 or 6 questions, and we were on our way. Such a contrast from those hectic Nicaragua border crossings! Good th... Read More

USA West Coast Road Trip

The good ol' family road trip. It's something we haven't done for a long time in this part of the world. And this trip, our focus was on meeting up with friends and family and being reminded of what it's like to live in a developed western country. On our way from Bali to the states, we had a long layover in the Seoul, Korea airport. I usually like to keep... Read More
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