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Pearce Family

Who Are We?

We're a family who left behind our suburban lifestyle in the USA to explore the world together and expand our horizons while educating our kids and running an online business. Read more about us.

What Do I Know?

Jennifer and I sometimes get asked what we believe about life's "big questions", like our views on death, God, and the purpose of life. Are there "core truths" we believe in, that provide us comfort or guidance on these issues? Or do we reject all belief and wander through life aimlessly? These questions usually come from people who not only believe their own answ... Read More

7 Books for Spiritual Awakening

Throughout history, thousands of books have been written to inspire spiritual awakening, or enlightenment. While experiencing this state is completely different from studying it, I enjoy learning from others' perspectives and experiences with it, as it tends to fuel my own growth. Here are some books that have been helpful for me in expanding my awareness of things a... Read More

A Weekend in Perth Australia

Just a three-hour plane ride south of Bali lies Perth, Australia, where almost 2 million people live in mostly suburban housing surrounded by a dry desert-like landscape that reminds me a lot of Salt Lake City where I grew up, except with beaches instead of mountains. ... Read More

Why I Can’t Leave the Church Alone

It’s been almost four years since my family and I decided to leave the LDS (Mormon) church, and almost three years since I published my document about Why I Left the Mormon Church. This letter has since been read by tens of thousands of people, and still prompts almost weekly emails from readers, mostly people thanking me for ... Read More

Do you want a portable piano?

It's exciting to see the progress on the Groove digital piano I've been working on for the past several months. The first prototype should be finished very soon! We decided not to make it fold after all, but it will separate neatly into three sections that can fit inside carry-on luggage. The prototype was pieced together from existing keyboard parts and the case is bigger than we'd like the fi... Read More

Sri Lanka and More

Can you believe it's been over two months since our last blog post? The past two months, we've felt busier than we have in years, and the time has flown by. It's been good and productive, but also exhausting. The house we're remodeling is coming along, but is taking a lot of time and energy and money. We're looking forward to moving in, although it may still be another couple months before it's... Read More

Cambodian Sunrise

When we booked our tickets to Siem Reap, Cambodia, we had no idea that we'd end up arriving the day before some friends of ours would be leaving. We first met Denny & Rachelle in Costa Rica, we visited them again in the Philippines, and now by chance, through a post we almost missed on Facebook, we found ourselves enjoying a few meals together in Cambodia. ... Read More

Beach Clubs, Projects, and Kids

Recently, thanks to some friends, we discovered the wonders of beach clubs. Typically, I'm not a big fan of beaches. I do love looking at them, feeling the sand under my feet, and playing in the water and waves can be fun, too. But I have trouble enjoying the aftermath of sandy clothes and a sticky body, and if there's no shade or food around, I typically don't want to stay long. Fortunately, p... Read More

Creative Projects and Productivity

When we came back to Bali a few weeks ago, we really hit the ground running. We've been very busy, but also creative and productive, and have been enjoying our time immensely. Within one week, we found a house we wanted to live in. It's a small 3-bedroom house near Ubud, but it's completely unfurnished and needs some renovation. We signed a lease for 13 years, and have been having fun playing arou... Read More

Jazzy New Orleans

New Orleans was a lot of fun! Jazz music on every corner -- and good jazz, too! Voodoo shops and cemeteries, greasy yet tasty food, quaint architecture, and a unique vibe. Definitely a place of culture and heritage. The first few days we were able to enjoy it with my sister's family before they headed back to Salt Lake. We tried all the local foods like po boys, gumbo, jumbalaya, and of course, bi... Read More