brandon-headshot-03065Hi, I’m Brandon Pearce. In 2009, my family and I were living in suburban America doing well enough, but feeling somewhat unfulfilled and stagnant in our personal growth. Looking ahead, we just saw more of the same. Maybe a bigger house, a newer car, and more comforts, but knew that these things in themselves wouldn’t ultimately add more meaning to our lives.

I had been creating on an online business for several years called Music Teacher’s Helper. As it grew, I was able to quit my programming job and stop teaching piano lessons. Not being bound to any location for work, we chose to sell our house and all our “stuff”, homeschool our kids, and travel the world together as a catalyst for personal growth and new experiences as a family. This blog is about our adventures and what we’ve learned in the process.

In the past 6 years, we’ve visited over 32 countries, starting with Costa Rica, where our third daughter, Aysia, was born. We’ve volunteered at rescue centers and schools, experienced some of the earth’s most inspiring natural and man-made wonders, visited with people from all walks of life, stayed in accommodations from people’s floors and hostels to 5-star resorts, attended retreats, conferences, classes, and camps, and dove deep into our own pasts and our own psyches to understand better who we are, what we believe, and how we can serve the world.

Traveling and living abroad has been an enriching and life-changing experience for our family. But it’s also been exhausting and humbling. We’ve enjoyed learning about other cultures and languages, and our minds have been opened and expanded through the new ideas, friends, and various challenges we’ve encountered. We’ve also grown closer together as a family and as individuals than we would have if we had just stayed home where everything was familiar.

Because my business is online and managed by a great team, we have the freedom to travel and live where we choose, and to do what we want with the majority of our time. We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity, and it’s something we’ve worked hard for years to achieve. I hope what I share on this website will be an inspiration to others who wish to do something similar. If you’d like to talk to us about making this kind of lifestyle work for you, feel free to get in touch.

I now fill more of my time with creative pursuits, reading and writing, working on new product ideas, dining with friends, creating music, being with my kids, traveling, and trying to enjoy each moment to the fullest. Everyone has different goals and desires, and a different idea of what constitutes a full and happy life. This website charts our journey of living the life of our dreams. I hope it helps you to live yours.


Meet the Family



Brandon grew up in Salt Lake City, studied music and computer programming, and later launched an online business for music teachers. Enjoys travel, entrepreneurship, photography, music, technology, spirituality, and spending time with friends and family.



Jennifer is the master mom. She enjoys singing and taking voice lessons, cooking amazing creations with mind-boggling resourcefulness, writing captivating posts for the blog, and taking care of her sweet family.


Emily is 12 years old, and is a passionate and talented singer/songwriter and guitarist working on finishing up her first album. She also enjoys art, make-up, snow, and environmental studies.


Marie, 10 years old, loves acting, clowning (and knows how to juggle), magic tricks, art, gynmastics, and making people laugh. She's also dabbled in computer programming. She especially loves playing with friends, or chatting with them across the world via Skype.


Aysia is 4 years old, and has been traveling ever since she was born in Costa Rica. She brings so much joy to our family, with her empathetic care and contagious giggles. She loves My Little Ponies, reading with Mommy, playing with her sisters, and cuddling with Daddy. She gives the best hugs!

What Are We Doing Now?

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