Creating Home in Bali

We're enjoying Bali more now than ever. Last year, we were quite ready to leave when I wrote about what we love about Ubud and what we feel is lacking here. But lately, many of those lacks have been filled. From finishing a year-long remodel project, to finding several wonderful classes and friends for our girls, to connecting even mo... Read More

Savoring Singapore

After so much traveling before we came back to Bali this last time, we decided we wanted to keep our visa run as short, sweet, and simple as possible, while also acquiring a social visa for Bali. This way we are able to stay put for a while and also continue the finishing touches and organization of settling into our new home. So, off to Singapore we went. Si... Read More

Creative Projects and Productivity

When we came back to Bali a few weeks ago, we really hit the ground running. We've been very busy, but also creative and productive, and have been enjoying our time immensely. Within one week, we found a house we wanted to live in. It's a small 3-bedroom house near Ubud, but it's completely unfurnished and needs some renovation. We signed a lease for 13 years, and have been having fun playing arou... Read More

12 Tips for Raising Young Children Abroad

One of our blog readers recently requested to hear Jennifer's perspective on raising young children abroad, along with some tips she's learned in the process. The following post is her reply. Raising our young children abroad for the past three years has been more of a catalyst for learning than I ever would have imagined, and my expectations were already quite high to begin with. It's... Read More

Free Online Homeschool Resources

We love homeschooling with our girls! We can see their excitement for learning and their regular progress up close every day. The schedule and curriculum are extremely flexible. And we can delve as deeply as we want into any topics we find interesting. But most surprisingly, our kids aren't the only ones learning -- Jen and I are also discovering so many interesting things that we were never taugh... Read More

Local and Fun Activities

We've now been to most of the tourist hot spots in Costa Rica, including many that are less well known. But that hasn't stopped us from having fun and finding other enjoyable activities to do. During the past few weeks, we've had a great time doing more local activities and being with our friends. I didn't dedicate a blog post to any one of these activities, but I do want to remember them, so I th... Read More

Interviewed by JetSetCitizen

Last week, I was contacted by John Bardos from, the popular blog showcasing those trying to live their lives to the fullest. I've been a fan of John's blog for a long time, and especially enjoy his interviews with perpetual travelers, international volunteers, entrepreneurs, and others. I was honored when he asked me for an interview, an... Read More

First Week of Home School

This week we officially started homeschooling our girls. Marie is only 4, so would normally be in Preschool, and Emily just turned 6 and would have started Kindergarten this year (she missed the deadl... Read More

Problems with school and education

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my post about homeschool. After reading them, I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on the ... Read More

Home School

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are very heavily leaning toward home schooling our kids. We've grown increasingly discontented with b... Read More
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