A Different Kind of Christmas

Christmas has been very different for us since we moved abroad, in more ways than just being far from extended family. Even before we left, we became disenchanted with certain aspects of the holiday, ...

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Don’t Use it? Don’t Keep it!

About two years ago, we sold our house and got rid of most of our possessions. Doing so gave us a feeling of relief and lightness. Since then, we've been living out of what could fit in one carry-on suitcase, and one backpack each. I wondered if our kids would miss all the toys, or if we'd miss certain decorations or other items. I'm pleased to report that we are happier than ever to be living wit... Read More

Travels, Japan, and Book Progress

We spent the last week in Salt Lake City, visiting our family and friends who live there. It was great to see so many of our loved ones, and have a chance to talk with them in person. Thanks to everyone for your hospitality! We arrived the day after a big snowstorm, so the kids enjoyed playing in the snow (in their dresses and flip flops), and we made a little snowman and had a short snowball f... Read More

Volunteering at Aldea Yanapay School

One of the main reasons we wanted to come to Cusco, Peru - besides visiting Machu Picchu, of course - was to volunteer; and Cusco did not disappoint us in that regard. There are a number of volunteering opportunities here. We found a school called Aldea Yanapay where kids can go after regular school hours to experience a kind of love and learning they d... Read More

Cusco, Peru

My first impression of Cusco, Peru was that it was dry, dusty and hot - until night time. Then it was dry, dusty and cold. Granted, we arrived near the end of Cusco's dry season, so I can't expect to see much green. But between the clay-brown buildings, sandy mountains, and dusty streets, there isn't much color except for the local women, who wrap brightly-colored woven fabrics around their necks ... Read More

Proyecto Asis Wildlife Rescue Center

Recently, we paid a visit to an animal rescue center near La Fortuna, Costa Rica called Proyecto Asis. Our kids can never seem to get enough of animals, and this seemed like a good opportunity to not only see them, but interact with them, learn about them, feed them, and even clean up after them. And it was a blast! [caption id="attachment_28... Read More

Volunteer Vacations for Families with Young Children

Since we got back from our Panama trip, we've been thinking a lot about where we want to go and what we want to do for our next trip. Because of our dislike for cold weather, and the Salt Lake Inversion, we're probably going to head out during the winter months, like last year (starting in January, 2010), and go somewhere warm. We also would like to stick with a Spanish-speaking country since the ... Read More

Micro loans that change lives

Recently, I've started participating a little bit at kiva.org, a website that allows you to loan money to individuals in developing countries looking to create small businesses to support their families. There are other websites that do similar things (www.globalgiving.com, www.microplac... Read More
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