Sick in Kuching, Borneo Malaysia

We had already spent more than three months in peninsular Malaysia, but we'd heard that Malaysian Borneo was completely different.  And in some ways, it was different, with the numerous indigenous cultures that are prevalent, and being closer to many national parks. However, on our 10 day visa run there, we still found it to be distinctly Malaysian, with some of the same quirks as the peninsular ... Read More

Elephants at Kuala Gandah

About 90 minutes northeast from Kuala Lumpur lies the elephant sanctuary at Kuala Gandah. Many elephants have been forced from their homes due to destruction of their natural habitat for farming. Elephants become accustomed to using the same paths their whole lives, and farmers don't usually take well to having their fields trampled. Fortunately, it's now illegal to kill the elephants, but many ha... Read More

Petronas Towers and Petrosains

The most famous landmark in all of Malaysia is arguably the Petronas Towers, which was the tallest building in the world from 1998-2004 before being surpassed by the Taipei 101 skyscraper. It's still the tallest twin buildings in the world, though, and we went to see them several times while in Kuala Lumpur, and even enjoyed seeing them from our apartment window each day. ... Read More

KL Bird Park

Our time in Kuala Lumpur is coming to an end and we're heading out to Singapore in just a couple days. But I still have a lot of activities to blog about and pictures to highlight. One of these was the KL Bird Park, which boasts the largest free flight aviary in the world. From our time in Costa Rica, I thought I'd seen all the beautiful birds that existed, but I was wrong. There are some amazing ... Read More

The Batu Caves

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur. So many that we haven't even tried to see them all. But we chose a few highlights to enjoy during our month here. One of these was the impressiv...

Read More

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur

We've been in Kuala Lumpur for almost 3 weeks now and we love it! We never thought we'd say that about a big city because we don't like concrete jungles, smog, and places where people are too busy to talk to you. But we've also never been in a city like Kuala Lumpur, and it has some really great things going for it. In fact, we could probably see ourselves settling here happily for quite some time... Read More

Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, and Orang Utan Island

We recently left Penang, Malaysia for Kuala Lumpur -- about five hours away by car -- and we're loving it here! But on the way, we took a short trip to the Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, and also visited Orang Utan Island rehabilitation center to view some of our closer primate relatives. ... Read More

42 Things I Did in 2011

Last year, I wrote a list of 77 Things I Did in 2010. Every time I read through it, I feel amazed at all we were able to accomplish in ...

Read More

Dragon, Lion, and Indian Dances

While in Penang, Malaysia, we enjoyed a few cultural celebrations, including a New Year's Eve presentation in Georgetown featuring music, dance, and martial arts from the Malay, Chinese, and Indian populations living in Malaysia. We also went to the Lion & Dragon Dance Parade a few weeks earlier, and a small Christmas concert our kids performed in. I'm amazed at the energy level and talent ... Read More

Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si Temple

I was going to throw together a long video of everything we've done in the past few weeks, but I decided to split it into a few different posts so I can get them up a little faster and so I can share more pictures without boring you. :) One of my favorite activities we did in Penang this month was visiting the Kek Lok Si Temple, or the "Temp... Read More
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