A Visit to Panama

As I mentioned in my last post, despite having a crazy drive and border crossing experience, we enjoyed our trip to Panama. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but I've been meaning to write about the trip for several days. So here we go. ... Read More

Second Visa Run and Corrupt Policemen

This past week we made our second visa run since moving to Costa Rica. We have to make our way out of the country every 90 days, and this time we chose to drive to Panama and visit our friends in Volcán, whom we met on our 6-week trip last year. It was quite an adventurous week, including driving on a closed highway with fallen rocks, being stopped by dishonest police officers in Panamá for doin... Read More

What We’ve Gained from Panama

When we set out on this adventure of spending six weeks in Panama, we didn't realize how much it would affect our family. We had never spent so much consecutive time together, done so many new things ... Read More

Last few days in Panama

Yesterday, we bid goodbye to Bocas on a half-rainy, half-sunny day, and headed back to Panama City for another two nights before coming back home to Utah. We had a great time in Bocas, although being so far away from civilization for a week was a bit of a challenge for us, especially when we didn't have power or water. But it was still a great experience. Today was our last day in Panama. We fl... Read More

Bocas Town

On Friday night, the waves were very high and crazy on the beach that night, spilling out over into the sand and making big puddles around our house. Along with the rain, the sound was almost deafening. Probably because of the sounds, I had a dream that night that our house was carried away by a big river, and that once we got out, Marie walked to the edge of a cliff. I told her not to move, bu... Read More

How the kids entertain themselves, and more drawings

Emily and Marie have played together very well on this trip. Every morning here in Bocas, before Jen and I get up, the girls are outside playing in the sand, blowing bubbles, or on some imaginary adve... Read More

Dolphins and Starfish

What a fun day! When we woke up, we were happy to see the sun shining brightly, making the sand yellow, and the water blue! And except for a few showers throughout the day, the sun stayed with us, which changed the whole mood of the place. We were glad we got to see Mr. Sun while here. Jen made hojaldres for breakfast (se... Read More

Exploring around Salt Creek

On Bastimentos, we're staying in a part of the island known as Salt Creek. And the past couple days, we've spent most of our time relaxing at home, but have also ventured out a few times when it wasn't raining (usually getting caught in a rainstorm in the process). It's been a lot of fun. We did have about an hour of sun Wednesday morning, but the rest has been cloudy and rainy. But the temperatur... Read More

Flying to Bocas

I'm now writing from our very relaxing house on Bastimentos island in Bocas del Toro. I have a few days to catch up on, so let me just say we went to dinner at Cafe Essencia in Volcan on Saturday, and it was not good! (The first "bad" food we've had in Panama). The bread was very stale, and fell apart on our sandwiches and hamburgers. However, the raspberry shake was good. So after that, we had a ... Read More

International Living?

Okay, so for those wondering if we're considering a possible permanent move out of the country, I'm going to say now, "Yes, we're considering it." We don't know when or where or for how long.... Read More
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