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In the past 7 years, we’ve traveled to over 32 countries and visited dozens of cities and towns. Below, you can find a map of the highlights. Clicking any location will take you to posts in that location, for some travel inspiration.

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One of our favorite things about traveling is meeting with people, whether locals in the places we’re visiting, or other travelers. If you’ll be near us and would like to get together, feel free to contact us.

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Dinner at Hotel Bambito Bocas del Toro

I’m now writing from our very relaxing house on Bastimentos island in Bocas del Toro. I have a few days to catch up on, so let me just say we went to dinner at Cafe Essencia in Volcan on Saturday, and it was not good! (The first “bad” food we’ve had in Panama). The bread was very stale, and fell apart on our sandwiches and...

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I want to thank everyone for their comments on my post about homeschool. After reading them, I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on the subject. Well, not so much on why we’re leaning toward homeschool, but rather why we’re leaning away from public and private schools. In my last post, I listed several reasons we don’t like regular school: homework (busywork), focus on...

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As I mentioned in a previous post, we are very heavily leaning toward home schooling our kids. We’ve grown increasingly discontented with both public and private school systems in the United States, and think that it would be better for our kids and for our family to take their education into our own hands. We’d previously considered home schooling a few times, but had ruled...

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Okay, so for those wondering if we’re considering a possible permanent move out of the country, I’m going to say now, “Yes, we’re considering it.” We don’t know when or where or for how long. We may not do it at all, but it sure is fun to dream about. :) We have realized a few things, however. We definitely do not want to be...

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More Friends in Volcan Volcán

The past couple days we’ve spent most of our time with people we’ve met here in Volcan. On Thursday, we drove Marisol around Cerro Punta, and the neighborhoods of Volcan, while she told us all about the area, how the farms work, what it’s like to live here, the best places to buy different things, and a lot of other interesting information. We then bought...

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Rock with an ancient map Volcán

Today we went to an archeological site called Sitio Barriles, near Volcan, which has unearthed hundreds of artifacts from the time roughly between 2000 B.C and 300 A.D. We saw a large rock with a map (supposedly) painted on it. We were told that the spirals probably represented mountains or volcanoes, and circles represented cities, as it described local geography from the Caribbean to the...

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Emily doing a Panamanian dance in our living room Volcán

Today we met and had lunch with a nice family we met on some Panama forums before we left. Bernie helps people protect assets and minimize taxes through foreign trusts and foundations, and we had some long talks about that. Marisol and Jen talked a bit about health and home schooling, both of which we’re interested in. They also have a 2 year daughter named...

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Emily with miniature pony Volcán

Monday morning I woke up early and got a fresh start on the day with some tai chi before anyone else was up. I also got some work done in the morning, and it felt good to get caught up a bit more. That afternoon we went to Finca Guardia (Guardia farm) to ride and see some miniature ponies they have there. When we found...

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On Sunday, we went to the Volcan LDS branch – what great and kind people! We even got invited to dinner this week by a sweet retired couple who maintain this website of pictures of Volcan. We may be seeing other members this week as well. Emily went to primary without a problem today, but Marie was too shy to go. During Relief Society, Jen...

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Yesterday, we made the 1.5 hour drive from Boquete to Volcán, Panama. While Boquete is beautiful, and many people choose it as a retirement destination, it didn’t hold a whole lot of luster for us as a place to stay more than a few days. We found the town to be a bit too crowded and cramped for our tastes. As soon as we made...

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  • Marie and Aysia recently started taking a baking class athellip
  • So many beautiful streets around our neighborhood in San Miguelhellip
  • Easter celebrated here in Mexico as Semana Santa Holy Weekhellip
  • In our evening readings of Story of the World wevehellip
  • The crowds at the main square in San Miguel afterhellip
  • Semana Santa in San Miguel De Allende was quite impressivehellip



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