Pagoda Tower in Asakusa Japan / Kyoto / Tokyo

We’ve had a great time in Japan so far. I don’t have much time for details right now, but here are some photos for you to enjoy from Tokyo and Kyoto. So far, I think the highlight for me has been the zen rock garden at Ryouanji. But I’ve also loved eating the food again, speaking and hearing Japanese, seeing their beautiful gardens, and spending time with the fun people in our group.

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  1. No smorking? LOL. Oh I love those signs. Keep taking picture of more of them, will you?

    I like that monkey. He looks very wise. And mischevious.

    Looks like you guys have seen some amazing things!! How beautiful.

  2. I like that monkey. :) What a beautiful garden in Kyoto too!

  3. I really think you guys need a zen garden in your back yard. it’s big enough to accommodate a small one :)

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