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Jen took a few pictures recently of a humorous, yet still somewhat typical scene in our home – every one of us on our own computer.

Pearce family computing

Pearce family computing

Yes, I’m a nerd, and I’m sure my children will become nerds also (“cool nerds”, of course). :) Even my wife is more nerdy now that we’ve been married almost seven years! Long live computer nerds! Hey, at least we’re in the same room, right?

Marie playing chess, and Emily on the piano

Marie playing chess, and Emily on the piano

Emily practicing the piano

Emily practicing the piano

Emily and Marie both love playing computer games. In this scene, Emily is trying out a new program to help her learn how to play the piano. It’s kind of like Guitar Hero, but for piano, and it actually teaches you how to play – it’s fun and educational. Impressively, she was able to learn in about a half-hour, how to play middle c, middle e, quarter notes, half-notes, and whole notes on a grand staff, and I didn’t have to teach her much at all! She had a blast trying to beat her score. The program is called Piano Marvel, and was developed by a friend of mine in Colorado. If you want check it out, you can get a free trial and a 20% discount when you sign up by using the code: 3EEED31A. Or just go here.

Marie playing chess

Marie playing chess

Here, Marie is playing chess with herself on the little computer. Not that she really knows how to play chess, but she likes to move the pieces around and see how many she can “kill”. So I guess she’s at least learning how the pieces move.

I think she wouldn’t have been interested in it at all had we not played yard chess in Boquete, Panama. So I’m glad we did that. Chess is pretty nerdy, too, isn’t it?

In the top picture, I’m probably working or checking e-mail or something. I’m on the computer a lot, either upstairs with everybody, or down in my office, or on my iPhone. I’m trying to use it less, but computers are just so useful and so much fun! :D

Jen is the only one not shown here, and this is obviously because she’s the one taking the pictures. But you’ll often find her reading blogs, searching for new recipes, or looking up something on-line.

Not only are we a computer nerd herd, but I’m also a word nerd, and on Saturday morning, I woke up with a great new joke! Ready?

Question: What do you call a cookware salesman who’s not making any sales?

Answer: A pan-handler! HA!!!

Pretty good, eh? Not all my jokes are dumb. :)

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  1. Hehe… I just couldn’t resist taking that picture of the three of you hard at work on your computers. Very cute. :) Yes, I suppose I have become a bit more nerdy over the years, thanks to you. :)

  2. LOL… that is fabulous. I love you guys. Yes, we grew up as a family of computer nerds, so it was fairly set in stone that one of us would become one as well :) I love that the girls are both sitting at computers, too. They are just adorable.

    p.s. I love your jokes. You always make me laugh. Ha ha.

  3. Yes, you couldn’t have escaped being a computer nerd had you tried. And aren’t laptops fabulous?? Far different from the days of our first computer, buried in the basement family room and completely non-portable… but good times were had playing Kings Quest. Sometimes I still really miss DOS.

  4. hehehe yep the family defiantly qualifies computer nerds…love you all :o)

  5. These are great pictures. We have similar scenes at our house. Sometimes, when we decide we haven’t seen enough of each other, you can find the four of us sitting together in the family room, each with a laptop. And sometimes, we’ve even been known to “messenger” each other while we’re sitting in the same room …

    (We DO get out and do things as a family on a regular basis WITHOUT the computers, so that allows our family computer togetherness to be funny, rather than sad).

    The computer game Emily is playing looks really interesting.

  6. […] I know that she really wants a piano. As I was looking around at the classifieds I remembered an application my friend blogged about that helps teach piano lessons in a way much like Guitar Hero. While I was on his blog, I noticed a […]

  7. This photo is very similar to our family :) But we have 2 laptops, one on the ipad and one on an iphone haha.

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