This is right in front of the property. Panama

Last week I was able to book the last places we’re staying in Panama. Actually, there are still four days we don’t have a place to stay, and that’s intentional because we’ll have a bit of flexibility on those days and want to check things out first to see if we want to extend our stay in some areas or move on (got to have some adventure, right?)

We’re really excited about the last place we’re staying, in Bocas del Toro. (Well, it’s actually the second to last place, because the last place is two of the four days mentioned above, where we don’t know where we’re staying – but we know those days will be in Panama city before we fly home – we plan on booking those days during our first couple weeks there).

Anyway, this place in Bocas is called “Sal Si Puedes”, and is by far the most expensive place we’re staying the whole trip – $1200/week. But it’s also a private house right on the beach (also private), including free use of two kayaks, a sailboat, snorkeling equipment, and a powerboat with a captain should we want to go anywhere else in the islands (although there is a fee for use of the powerboat – $30/day, $15/half day, or just pay for gas on short trips).

Here are some pictures:

This is right in front of the property.

This is right in front of the property.

This is a balcony on the property overlooking the ocean.

This is a balcony on the property overlooking the ocean.

This is the living room, and part of the kitchen.

This is the living room, and part of the kitchen.

You can check out their website at:

Now, neither of our kids have learned to swim. In fact, they’re both somewhat terrified of getting in water (except for the bathtub), so we’re hoping to be able to cure them of these fears while we’re there, and maybe even teach them to swim a little. We’ll see. (A few of our other hotels have pools also, so there will be plenty of opportunity for swimming.)

Other Accommodations

The two other places we’ve booked (that aren’t listed in this post) also look very nice, and are much less expensive (they’re also not anywhere near the ocean). These are in the mountain towns of El Valle de Anton (actually in the crater of an extinct volcano), and Boquete.

el-valle-houseIn El Valle, we found this place on for $650/week. It’s also a private house with a full kitchen. It looks like it has beautiful gardens, with the chance of seeing exotic birds, sloths, and monkeys right on the property. The one downside to this place – no Internet! There’s a library a short distance away with paid access, but I think this will need to be my “separation time” to see how well I can get out of the work mindset. :) But there’s lots to do in El Valle including a zoo, hot springs, a cute town with a great market, and lots of natural beauty.

See more on this place at:

cabanas-sabrin2In Boquete, we’ll be staying at Cabanas Sabrin, where we can get a private 3 bedroom cabin for $99/night. This is the place Jen had to talk to in Spanish over Skype to make the reservation. They said they didn’t want us to pay anything to reserve it, so hopefully it really is reserved for the two nights we asked for, and we can just pay when we get there, without any trouble. It looks like a cute little community with nice grounds.

Check it out at:

We’re getting very excited! We leave Wednesday!!!

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  1. Oh, wow, yes we are getting excited! So beautiful. You are quite the travel agent sweetie, finding all of these great places to stay! Thank you for all you hard work planning and researching. You are amazing!

  2. Woo hoo!!! You guys will be there so soon! I want lots of pictures and updates.

  3. I’m so glad you’re splurging on that last place in Bocas. It will be worth every penny for the privacy, tranquility and experiences you’ll have there.

    Are you taking your video camera as well as your digital? Please do! But if not, take your laptop out there and capture some video through your webcam :)

  4. I hope the girls will become comfortable in the water. I remember for a little while, Ashley would just CLING to me every time we were in a pool… but soon she learned how much fun it was to float and move around with her floaties on and became a total fish.

    But even if they don’t “swim” they’ll undoubtedly enjoy playing in the waves on that private beach.

    I also remember laying on the sand on my stomach in St. Thomas, just far enough under water for my snorkle mask to be submerged, and watching angle fish swim between my arms (I’d sort of trapped them there :) They’ll love seeing fish!

    Just rememer – STAY OFF THE CORAL! (it’s sharp, AND it’s very bad for the coral)

  5. @Allison – Yes, we’ll be bringing our video camera and hope to take some good footage as well as pictures. I like your idea of laying on the beach in a snorkle – we’ll have to try that!

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