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We’ve been having so much fun in Penang! With so many new things to experience and enjoy, it’s been difficult to write about them all.

Last week, we had the unique experience of going to a fish spa. If you haven’t heard of a fish spa (we hadn’t), let me clarify that it’s not a place where fish go to get a facial. It’s a place where people go to get treated by fish.

Yes, I’m serious.

But not just any fish. “Doctor” fish that remove your dead skin by nibbling on you. Sound crazy? Yeah, it feels crazy, too, but that’s exactly what they do. Why would you want this, you ask? Supposedly, it’s used to treat various skin conditions, particularly on the feet, and of course, it leaves your skin feeling nice and clean. Many people do it along with a pedicure.

Fish Spa in Batu Ferringhi

Fish Spa in Batu Ferringhi

There’s a fish spa within walking distance of our house here in Batu Ferringhi. It’s on the main road, and you can recognize it from the big signs out front that says “Dr. Fish” and “Marine Fish Spa” with pictures of fish swimming around feet. I think it cost about $30 (USD) for our entire family to get a 30-minute treatment. ($10/adult, $5/kids)

Jen and Asyia at the fish spa

Jen and Asyia at the fish spa

The atmosphere was pleasant and clean. They have an advanced water filtration system to keep it sanitary, and comfortable pads to sit on while you dangle your feet in the water.

The Fish Spa

The Fish Spa

After putting our feet in, each of us screamed and squealed! Not because it hurt, or was unpleasant, but because it tickled! It was a sensation unlike any other I’ve had. It continued to tickle for several minutes, but we did eventually get used to it.

Feet getting nibbled at the fish spa

Feet getting nibbled at the fish spa

And afterward, my feet felt surprisingly good! The kids want to do it again. I’m not so sure if I do, but it was fun to try. Check out this video of us at the fish spa.

Speaking of fish, we’ve eaten our fair share in the past couple weeks. It’s often served with the head attached here, and Emily really likes it (well, we haven’t actually tried the head).

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  1. I want to go to a fish spa. Apparently they’re illegal in the US – too much concern about hygiene. But I want to go – it sounds like a fun/interesting experience. And Aysia seemed to love watching the fish.

    I do not want to eat fish with heads.

  2. Glad you are trying something new.

    Fish spa is quite common in Singapore, Malaysia as well as Thailand

  3. Jennifer Pearce Says: December 9, 2011 at 9:09 am

    I did enjoy the fish spa experience, but I’m with you on not being sure if I would do it again. It may be a one time thing for me as well. It really was incredibly ticklish in the beginning and a fun thing to try all together. They also nibbled most of the nail polish off from my Hawaiian pedicure.

  4. lol… how cool. That looks like a lot of fun! It’s great that the girls enjoyed it so much :)

    And yeah, I’m with mom. I wouldn’t eat a fish with a head still attached.

  5. My what interesting and fun adventures you are having! Thanks for the posts with pictures so we can see and read what you’re experiencing I’m so happy for you to be living your dream.

  6. I have a pond about that size that used to have fish in it until a racoon decided to treat it like chuck o rama after stake conference. I never considered sticking my feet in. I couldn’t stand sticking my hand in cause to me it was just a big fish toilet. I didn’t have as good of a filtration system that hopefully the pros do. As far as the fish head, it would have bothered me a few years ago but i’ve become so experimental that it wouldn’t bother me at all. I had snails and frog legs just last night. Yum!

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