Africa Mia Zoo Costa Rica

On our way back from Nicaragua, we saw a sign for a zoo called Africa Mia (My Africa) near the town of Liberia, Costa Rica. We didn’t know anything about it, but had some extra time, so we thought we would check it out.

Africa Mia has over a dozen different kinds of African animals, including zebras, giraffes, bongo, ostrich, and more, many of which you can feed. They have three options available for entrance. A walking self-directed tour for about $15 adults / $12 kids, an air conditioned bus ride for $30/24, and an open jeep safari for $65/55. No, not cheap. But pretty cool.

We chose option number 2 because it was a really hot day and we wanted air conditioning. It also would have been a very long walk otherwise – the kids would have cried for sure. Maybe I would have, too. The tour was great, though. Our guide was really nice and knew a lot about the animals, even though he’d only been working there for two weeks. His English was also very good.

We got to hand feed carrots to the giraffes, ostriches, dromedary, and deer. We also got to throw carrots to the wart hogs. We saw some adorable baby deer (4 days old), a beautiful peacock, wildebeest, and long-horn bulls, and more. Check out the pictures. I’ll be posting a video in my next post about this and another excursion.

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  1. It was fun to see all those cool animals so close. I especially loved seeing how the giraffe took the carrots out of our hands by curling his long tongue around them before depositing them in his mouth. Those baby deer were oh so precious, and I thought the dromedary was fun to feed too. Their split upper lip is interesting to see up close while they are eating.

  2. That looks like a very interesting tour. The wart hog is a bit intimidating.

  3. How cool!! That would be so much fun to see all of those animals- and to feed them. What adorable baby deer (fawn, right?)…

  4. looks like a fun tour..I would have taken the bus too :o)

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