At Casa de Lourdes El Valle de Antón

I’m going to keep this one short and just summarize our days’ activities, as more of a log.

We tried the Serpentarium again – still closed. Spent more time at the library. Ate lunch at Casa de Lourdes. Beautiful restaurant. Food was okay. The price is probably more for the atmosphere than the food, in my opinion.

Came home, had cookies, and watched cartoons together. Jen did laundry and cleaned – she’s such a hard worker. I played ball with the girls and pretended with them.

We had dinner that night at cute restaurant with straw roof called El Rancho, I think.

It was a very windy night – felt like we were going to blow away. But the birds still sang beautifully the next morning. Also, I should mention there are a lot of bugs in the El Valle house – mostly just large ants that walk on the floor. We probably killed 30 or so throughout the week. We wouldn’t bother if they were small, but these are good sized ants.

Jen made some chocolate puddding we got at the store – not the same as what we’re used to. But then again, we also used honey instead of sugar…

All pictures below are at the Casa de Lourdes restaurant / hotel.

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  1. The grounds at Casa de Lourdes sure were fun for the girls to play at! Beautiful place!

  2. That’s beautiful!

  3. Hello Brandon,
    Nice skill you have! The ability to create a blog
    We met at dinner at Ranchero, that windy night.
    My wife, daughter and I have returned to cold New York and our jobs as teachers and student.
    We climbed the Sleeping Indian, took in the Hot Springs, went to the ocean, found furniture and kitchen cabinets in PC, enjoyed an excellent restaurant in Antigua Viejo called Manolo Caracol and enjoyed all our new friends.
    We will be returning in july/august to play and work on our place.
    Keep my email if you and your family ever return to El Valle or need help visiting the Big Apple.
    Take care. jim

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