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Recently, thanks to some friends, we discovered the wonders of beach clubs. Typically, I’m not a big fan of beaches. I do love looking at them, feeling the sand under my feet, and playing in the water and waves can be fun, too. But I have trouble enjoying the aftermath of sandy clothes and a sticky body, and if there’s no shade or food around, I typically don’t want to stay long.

Fortunately, people have thought of beach clubs. A large pool, decent restaurants, shade, showers, comfortable and clean lounging, all right in front of the beach (off of the sand). There are several of these in Bali, and so far we’ve enjoyed the Komune Beach Club, which has beautiful, soft, sparkling, black sand, and is only 40 minutes from Ubud.

P1170572P1170568 P1170578P1170577 P1170592P1170595

In Nusa Dua, we also took a peek in the luxurious de Opera Beach Club, and hope to return on an upcoming day trip (no photos yet). We also stopped at some beaches in Sanur recently (still need to find a beach club there).


House Progress

Our house remodeling is coming along. They’ve torn down some walls, and are digging a new foundation strong enough to support a second story. We’ve also changed some of our designs to expand upon our original ideas. It’s turning into a bit bigger project than we thought, but we’re having fun, and are excited about seeing it come to life.

20131111_171310_Jalan Bunutan KedewatanP1170688 20131102_18205220131029_090021

Here’s my latest rough sketch of what it will look like when finished:

house_nov13 kitchen_nov13

Halloween in Bali

Bali is a Hindu island in a Muslim country. Halloween is definitely not celebrated… Except by a few expat families who want to make it happen. This Halloween, we got together with some friends for crafts, then went with a bigger group trick-or-treating around to the houses of some individuals who offered to hand out candy. The kids had a great time, and fortunately, the house we’re staying at now has lots of dress-ups and toys so the girls weren’t without costumes. (That’s Marie in the front-right of this picture wearing a wig)

P1170631 P1170619 P1170617

Halloween or not, Aysia hasn’t wanted to wear anything other than the pink princess dress for weeks now. When anyone asks her name, she bats her eyes and says, “Aysia Princess”, and regularly tells us and others, “I’m a princess” — just in case we’ve forgotten. She wears the dress everywhere she can.


20131102_175227_Jalan Suweta Lorong Mawar

The kids have been making more friends and going to a weekly drama class that they’re loving. We’ll be starting other classes soon, too. Emily’s friend Ben from the UK took her out to a nice restaurant for dinner one evening (just the two of them — very special for her). Can you spot them in this picture?

20131111_174149_Jalan Suweta Lorong Mawar

Here they are after a woodcarving class they took together, holding the turtles they carved.20131112_130542

Other Projects

I’ve continued to work on the folding digital piano idea, and have spoken with several other engineers (the one I hired in Pakistan didn’t work out, unfortunately). I have discovered, however, that most standard keyboard sets will be too deep and high to fold up small enough to fit in carry-on luggage. We’re researching a couple other options, but it may turn out that we’ll need to engineer our own keys, which I was hoping to avoid. It’s totally possible, just a lot more difficult and expensive. I’ve written a 34-page document organizing all the research I’ve done, the requirements for the piano, and other ideas for folding (and non-folding) methods to get the piano down to travel size. So the project has had setbacks, but it’s still going.

On the music scene, I’ve composed and recorded two new piano pieces and am working on my third! I’ve had a lot of fun creating these, and hope to make them available to listen to soon.

My dream tracking app design is coming along, too, but I’m not ready to post more about it yet.

Speaking of new businesses, Emily has been thinking about ways she can make money and has decided to sell dog purses for carrying small dogs. We found a manufacturer in China on that makes the kind of purse she wants to sell, and she’s been communicating with them to get sizes and pricing. She’s also working on a logo and deciding how she wants to describe and market the product. We’ve signed up for an account with Amazon Fulfillment Services, and hope to find sufficient interest in the product there. Using their services is convenient because they handle warehousing, shipping, credit card processing, etc. This is a new type of business for both of us, so we’re learning together as we go, and we’ll see how it pans out.

We’re going to be in Cambodia for the next couple weeks, so my next post will probably be about Angkor Wat. :)

Here are some video clips from the past weeks, including some of Aysia talking.

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  1. Jennifer Pearce Says: November 13, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    So excited to see the progress on the house plans, and demolition. Loved that beautiful, black, sparkly sand at Komune Beach Club. The music you have been working on is beautiful. :) I’m excited to hear more! I’m so glad you caught some of Aysia’s cuteness in that video clip, too. What a cutie.

  2. That black sand is beautiful!! We will definitely have to go there (and to the other beach club) when we come to visit you next time :)

    Ok, I LOVED seeing the video. That dress? Haha. Aysia is just so funny. “Are you a princess, too?” “Yes.” Without any hesitation. She truly is a princess. What a darling girl.

    And how amazing that Emily is so motivated to do such great things! I am excited to see what she is going to do in life- I have no doubt it will be very impressive. (And is that a romantic boyfriend?? Or just a boy who is a friend?) :)

    Glad your house is coming along! And that you were able to celebrate Halloween. I know how much the girls wanted to do that.

    Love you all!

    • I just re-watched it. Aysia’s response to that pony is even better than I had thought the first time. (“Are you a princess, too?”) “Yeah, I am.” (“You’re beautiful!”) “Oh, thank you.”

    • Yeah, Aysia usually says “Thank you” like a princess, too: “Oh, thank you!” Very sweet. :) As for Emily and Ben, yes, there’s been a little hand holding. But they’ll be leaving before we get back from Cambodia, so it will have to be long-distance for a while…

  3. Oh, how I love newsy posts with video! That video of Aysia is cuteness overload. She is such a happy, pretty and polite princess!

    Delighted you got to celebrate Halloween – I know the girls really love dressing up. Marie looked pretty cool and grown up in her black wig. Speaking of grown up – Emily out to dinner with a boy? :) Did she have a great time? That restaurant looks familiar – is it where we at at Christmastime last year on a very rainy day?

    So excited to see the progress and plans for the house. I hope you’re putting some good “cubbies” in the walls to feature art pieces :)

    • The restaurant is Bridges, which is right next to Murni’s Warung, where we ate. The photo is taken from the bridge in between the two restaurants. Yes, she had a great time, although she drank too much water because “the waiter kept filling up my glass and I didn’t want to waste it!” which made her feel a bit sick.

  4. Really enjoyed this post. Aysia is just so cute and looks like a little princess.
    The demolition looks like a huge challenge. It will be fun to see the progress when you arrive back there.
    Your piano, dream book, and music all sound very interesting. I’m looking forward to your reports on all of them.
    Wow..Emily and her friend had a lovely evening.
    The beach clubs sound and look very nice.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  5. Nice house…. did you design the house yourself?

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