Emily petting a macaw Boquete
Brandon with a hyacinth macaw

Brandon with a hyacinth macaw

Yesterday we had breakfast and lunch at home (cereal and peanut butter and jam), then went to the Paradise Gardens Wildlife Rescue Center just outside of Boquete. What an awesome experience! Where else can you not only see, but hold, pet, and interact with a variety of unusual animals?

We got to pet a blue hyacinth macaw, hold a baby two-toed sloth, pet a baby owl, tamarins (little monkeys), and see lots of other unique animals and birds. If you ever come to Boquete, this place is a must! The suggested donation for entrance is only $5 (we gave a bit more). Their goal with most of the animals is to release them back into the wild. It was really neat to have these close encounters with them. We took a lot of pictures. Enjoy below. :)

Rainbow in Boquete

Rainbow in Boquete

On the way back, we stopped at a little strawberry sweet stand and had strawberry ice cream and smoothies, which were good. There are strawberry farms nearby. We spent some time driving on beautiful mountain roads the rest of the afternoon. It was a very rainy day and we saw a lovely rainbow and some beautiful views.

We stopped at a little pizzeria for dinner. Internet unfortunately wasn’t working that night, so Jen and I played games on our computers – something Jen never does, and that I haven’t done for quite a long time. It was really fun.

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  1. LOL… I love the frogs/toads that are all over the place. That is hilarious. The girls look so cute. What fun to be able to see all those animals so up close and personal… fun experience.

  2. What a great day! And that baby owl is absolutely adorable. Hard to believe the let you touch and even hold them.

    I love the frogs/toads too :)

  3. That Hyacinth Macaw was just so beautiful, with such a cute personality too. :) That strawberry ice cream was very delicious! I also enjoyed playing that computer game last night (Marbles), a challenging game, but a good brain stretch.

  4. It looks like you guys are having a great time! What unique and fun places you have been. I liked the story about the speeding ticket too. If only bribery worked in the U.S. :) Well, we look forward to seeing more of your adventures. We love you guys! Harm, Jared and Ryder

  5. I love the picture of Emily and the baby sloth. What fun to get so close to the animals!

  6. beautiful scenery. I especially enjoyed seeing the stream or small river. The landscape is especially beautiful there isn’t it?
    Girls are darling and what fun interacting with the animals.

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