Snow and leaves Family / Personal

We’ve been visiting our friends and family here in Salt Lake City, Utah the past week or so. It has been great to see everyone, share some nice hugs, meals, and long conversations, and also experience the cozy feeling of the town we grew up in. I had forgotten how nice it feels to walk on carpet in socks! Ahhh… The leaves on the trees...

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Why and Why Not Travel With Kids? Family / Travel

In our travels, we rarely meet others traveling with their kids, especially in backpacker havens like Cusco. To some it might seem odd to take a vacation with your children, since a vacation is often seen as a break from the kids. And there are definitely times when that break is welcome. But there are also good reasons to take your children with you on...

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Marie sliding on a box Costa Rica / Family

This week, my mom sent us a Spring/Easter package which contained some cards, candy, books, stickers, and more. We’ve been enjoying all that was inside the package, but we’ve had an unusual amount of fun with the cardboard box it came in. When you don’t have a lot of toys laying around, and you’re stuck at home because you don’t have a car yet (more...

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Playing Restaurant Family

My mornings recently have been a lot busier than usual, because I’m preparing to launch a new design for my main business, Music Teacher’s Helper. I’m really excited about it because it will make the program look much more updated and clean. We’ve also simplified the interface so it should be much easier to use, especially for those just signing up. I think our customers...

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Marie’s Christmas Prayer Family

Tonight, Marie gave the family prayer, and in that sweet voice of hers, expressed her concern for Santa's welfare. I wish we would have recorded it. But I've tried to reconstruct it from memory, below. It went something like this. Dear Heavenly Father, We're thankful for this good day. Please help us have the Spirit to be with us. Please bless Santa to be safe when he comes to give us presents. Help him be safe when he [...]

Winter can be fun… sometimes Family

We at the Pearce household definitely prefer warm weather. Temperatures here in Salt Lake City lately have been between 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Emily does everything she can to get out of wearing a coat, even in below freezing temperatures. Our skin gets dry and cracked, and in this season it seems that sicknesses abound. Still, it’s possible to have fun in the winter, and we...

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Fun at Home, and Leaving Again Family

I’ve had a few people ask about how things are going with our decision to stay home, rather than take our road trip. I have to say, they are going quite well! I have been working a lot more the past week or so on my business, because it’s the busy season right now for music teachers. Teachers everywhere are thinking about scheduling and getting...

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Vacation Cancelled to Improve Family Unity Family

For the last several weeks, we have been thinking about taking a 2-3 week road trip across Idaho, Oregon, down the California coast, and back through Nevada. We wanted to get up where it’s a little cooler during the hot Utah August, give our new car some exercise, and spend time together seeing some new places. I was especially excited to see the California Redwoods....

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Marie-isms Family

Here are some of the funny things my three-year old daughter Marie has said lately. (At dinner time) Marie: Ewww. This food looks yucky! Daddy: Let’s not say it’s yucky. Mommy made it, and we should be thankful. Marie, will you say the prayer? Marie: Heavenly Father, we’re thankful for this yucky food… Ears Emily (about the 5th time): “Can I have a purple one?”...

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Pearce family computing Family

Jen took a few pictures recently of a humorous, yet still somewhat typical scene in our home – every one of us on our own computer. Yes, I’m a nerd, and I’m sure my children will become nerds also (“cool nerds”, of course). :) Even my wife is more nerdy now that we’ve been married almost seven years! Long live computer nerds! Hey, at least...

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