Lombok Gili Islands / Indonesia / Lombok

Living on a beautiful island like Bali doesn’t mean that life is always a vacation. We get into routines, meet with friends, take classes, work, and study. I recently gave a piano concert at my house (so much fun!) and the kids are learning and creating much in homeschool. We enjoy our lives so much! But sometimes, it’s nice to leave it all behind and...

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Sunset in Bali Bali / Family / Personal

Silence is blissful, distressing, revealing, and difficult to maintain. You may have noticed I haven’t written on this blog for over a month. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone. I’ve also been posting less on Facebook and Twitter. When we decided to settle in Bali, I wanted the next year to be one of contemplation, inner growth, and self-discovery. (Yes, even more than...

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Recent Activities in Bali Bali

We first came to Bali over six months ago, and are now feeling quite settled, despite leaving every month or two to renew our visas. We’ve developed some routines, made some friends, and gotten a bit busy with life. And we absolutely love it here! Every day is an adventure in some way, but we like to get out and do different things every once...

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Settling Into Bali Bali

We’ve spent the past few weeks getting settled into our home in Bali, where we’ll be living for at least the next year or so. It’s so nice to be back here in the town of Ubud with the terraced rice fields and tropical climate, the low cost of living, the diverse and delicious food, and the community we’re getting to know. I think I...

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Balinese Culture and Hinduism Bali / Travel

Bali is an island full of culture, especially in Ubud where we’re settling for at least the next year. Sometimes called “The land of a thousand temples,” Bali literally has tens of thousands of temples and shrines on the island, and most families even have their own temple within their housing complex, usually dedicated to their ancestors. With sacred offerings to the gods placed at...

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First impressions of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia Bali / Indonesia / Travel

Bali is amazing! In many respects, it has exceeded my expectations, while in others, I’m a bit disappointed. But despite its flaws, and even though we’ve only been here a week, and we’ve only partially explored one town, I think we’ve found where we want to settle for the next year or two. Ubud has been dubbed the cultural and art center of Bali and...

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