Departure Date is Set Costa Rica

We finally picked a date to make the move abroad. We’ll be leaving Salt Lake City for Costa Rica on January 6th, 2010! We have some Jet Blue buddy passes we’ll be using, and we hope there won’t be a problem using buddy passes for the “required” return ticket as well.

grecia-centralWe’re going to start out our adventure in the little town of Grecia, Costa Rica, about 30 minutes west of the San José International airport. It has a population of about 15,000 people and has been rated the “cleanest city in Latin America”, and is supposed to be one of the friendliest. Famous for its red church made out of metal, it also has other attractions like a snake and reptile museum, butterfly farm, and the usual nearby waterfalls and volcanoes.

We’ve booked a cute little bed & breakfast there for 11 days, creatively called “B&B Grecia“, and hope to find a longer term (1-12 months) rental in Grecia during that time.

At this point, we plan on living “car-less” in Costa Rica, and just taking the bus and walking wherever we go. This will not only save on expenses, but also give us some exercise, and help us slow down and meet other people, too. We may get a car at some point, but not until we’re ready to venture out into other areas of the country a little more.

P1000061Speaking of cars, we still haven’t sold our new 2009 Infiniti G37x. KSL and Craigslist haven’t helped as much they did for our other stuff we sold, so I put the car on an Ebay motors auction as well.  We’ll see how it plays out. We’ve only put 6,000 miles on this car, so someone’s going to get a great deal. We’ll never get out of it what we put into it. But as consolation, we tell ourselves that at least our monthly payments were cheaper than renting a car for 6 months. And we sure enjoyed it while we had it! It’s been an awesome car.

Also, as part of my Spanish study, I’ve started listening to the scriptures in Spanish, while following along, pausing to look up words when necessary. If you didn’t know, you can listen to and read the scriptures on-line for free, in several languages at Just click the “English” link in the upper-right corner to change languages.

As the time draws closer for our adventure to start, we’re just getting more and more excited.

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  1. Yes, we really are getting excited, and we really hope we can find someone who would love to buy our car too. Anyone? I am really looking forward to being car-less actually. Grecia sounds like a great little town too, so it will be nice to go see what it’s like in person.

  2. I’m getting more and more excited for you too. What a great adventure you’re about to embark on – and what a wonderful life experience you’ll be giving your girls.

    Hope the car sells………………..

  3. January 6th?!?!? Do you not realize how soon that is?!?? Because I sure do. Man, I’m going to miss you guys. But I’m very excited for you and I think it will be a wonderful experience for all of you. Plus, I will have somewhere cool to visit. :)

    It sounds like that’s a cute little town to start your adventure with. Clean is always good.

    I love that the LDS website has the conference talks in sign language- when I was studying to be an interpreter I would always use those to help me with the language. Maybe I should do the same with learning Spanish. Too bad you can’t just snap your fingers and be fluent in a language. Man, that would be nice…

  4. I’m happy and excited for you. But I must be honest……I also get a sick feeling in my stomach when I realize you’re going so soon and far away. I do such a good job of worrying about you. You needn’t do any worrying I am doing it for you.
    The place you have selected as your first stop looks lovely :O).

  5. Grecia is a nice choice – it’s a nice little town, a bit cooler than Atenas, with enough commercial stores that you won’t have to leave too often. We just left Atenas today, and sometimes to buy stuff the closest option was Grecia. Being 5 degrees cooler is a *really* nice plus too.

  6. Aunt Kathy Says: November 29, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    You are an amazing family! I stand in awe of your courage to try something new in your lives. I wish you all well and will constantly remember you in my prayers. As a granmother I can empathize with Irene, it’s awfully hard letting go of our children and grandchildren but we must be willing to allow them to spread their wings and soar! Much love to you.

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