Dolphins Bocas del Toro

What a fun day! When we woke up, we were happy to see the sun shining brightly, making the sand yellow, and the water blue! And except for a few showers throughout the day, the sun stayed with us, which changed the whole mood of the place. We were glad we got to see Mr. Sun while here.

Jen made hojaldres for breakfast (see other great Panamanian recipes on her blog), and then we went on a boat ride to see some dolphins. We saw several sets of them come up out of the surface of the water, and even a little baby dolphin. It was really fun. I felt so relaxed on this boat ride, just enjoying being here with my family, feeling the sun, and breathing the air.

After snorkeling

After snorkeling

We stopped at a little restaurant and had some shrimp and chicken – a bit pricey, but good. The girls didn’t like it much – no kid food. This restaurant sat on top of the water and you could see fish swimming underneath. The fish loved to eat the food people dropped.

So we decided to go snorkeling there, and fortunately we had brought our swimsuits. We saw lots of beautiful fish, including iridescent rainbow colors, black and yellow stripes, and more. Emily got in and swam around with her life jacket, and even tried the snorkel for a few minutes, but the mask was too big so water kept seeping in.

Marie was too afraid to get in the water, but she had fun throwing crackers in the water for us, so all the fish would come. :) And the water was so clear, she could see the fish from above – some would even jump out of the water to get the crackers.

Emily holding a starfish

Emily holding a starfish

After we got back from the boat ride, we took a long walk along the beach and through the jungle just to see what there was. We were gone for a couple hours and the girls got pretty tired. On the way back, we saw a starfish, and found more cool shells. Before we left on our walk, Marie had found a really cute hermit crab, who she wanted to keep as her pet. She was very distraught when Mommy made her put it back during our walk, so it wouldn’t die. But she eventually recovered.

We had some spaghetti, bread and carrots for dinner, and had a good night’s rest. Check out some very cute pictures from the day, below.

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  1. Oh dolphins! That would be so fun for the girls to see them up close like that. And I can’t believe Marie picked up the hermit crab… I’m pretty sure Kennedy never pick that up. LOL. Glad you had a sunny day :)

  2. My favorite part of the day was snorkeling. I am so glad that Marie had so much fun throwing the crackers in the water for the fish. We sure got to see a lot more of them that way! I’m glad the water was clear enough that the girls could still see so many fish, even without masks. :)

  3. Tropical fish are so cool…. almost as cool as dolphins. And I’ll bet the girls were delighted to be able to see/hold a starfish! And the hermit crab is very cute….. no wonder Marie wanted to keep him. I’m glad he didn’t pinch her :)

    So are you guys starting a sea shell collection you can disply in your beachy room at home?

  4. @Allison – Yes, we’ve kept a number of cool shells, and the neighbor even brought us a large conch shell. Hopefully we can fit them all in our luggage. :)

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