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Alright, it’s photo time. We’re loving Italy, and I’ve taken too many pictures to share in one post. In order to get through these, I’m going to write less and show more. This post is dedicated to Florence, Italy, which is our favorite big-ish city in Italy so far.

Here’s the apartment we stayed at. It was a little bit outside of the old town, right across the street from a great supermarket. And we all enjoyed having a piano to play! (Even though it was very out of tune.)

Apartment in Florence - with a piano!

Apartment in Florence – with a piano!

The river in Florence is so picturesque at any time of day and from any location.

Scenic Florence

Florence, Italy



Walking around the historic center is easy and fun, as there are virtually no cars on the roads, the buildings are old and impressive, and there are plenty of stores, restaurants, and museums to see in very close proximity.

Me and my girls in Florence

Me and my girls in Florence

Streets of Florence

Lots of shopping through historic streets

Florence is famous for housing Michaelangelo’s David, in the Academy Gallery, which was very impressive. We also learned about how most sculptors would make their idea out of plaster before creating it in marble. But Michaelangelo preferred chipping away at the marble without any pre-plastered model to guide him, which is one of the reasons his works are so admired.

The most impressive structure in all of Florence though is the main duomo. The facade is covered in incredible detail.

Beautiful and intricate facade to Florence's duomo

Duomo and Florence

The inside is beautiful, too.

Florence Duomo Interior

The kids lit some candles inside.

Placing candles

While in Florence, we also met up with another traveling family who has been living in Florence for one month. We had dinner with them one night, and another night met at a park for the kids to play while the adults enjoyed visiting together.

Just a few final pictures. Here’s our family with beautiful Florence in the background. This was near a church where we heard some monks chanting. We enjoyed this place as it felt less like a tourist attraction and more like an actual worship service — a bit more holy.


And here’s a picture I took of the sunset over Florence.


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  1. Beautiful, romantic, amazing. But my absolute favorite thing in the video are the girls’ giggles :)

  2. Jennifer Pearce Says: August 10, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    I really enjoyed all the live music in Florence and the natural beauty as well as the beautiful buildings. What a charming, magical feeling it creates. I really enjoyed the apartment we stayed in, and it was great to have such a nice grocery store within a five minute walk, so convenient!

  3. So great pictures. My dream is to keep traveling with my family in future as you do it. You are a great example and I wish you good luck =)

  4. HI! Great post. We are heading to Italy for a month long adventure in April 2016. I’d love to find a homeschool family (or any family, for that matter) there to start a pen pal relationship with. In your travels any chance you met a homeschool group, or any ideas where to look for such a thing? We are planning on going to Florence, Venice and the towns of Cinque Terre. Any extra advice on must see/do activities or restaurants, etc would be greatly appreciated. I know when I go somewhere, I learn so much and wish I could go again, with all my gained knowledge of the place, but there are so many other adventures to have that the next best thing is sharing that knowledge with someone else! :)

    • Hi Maria! Thank you for your comment! If you use Facebook there are two groups that may be of interest to you: “Worldschooling – Italy” & “Worldschool Europe”. http://www.controscuola.it is another website for homeschoolers in Italy. We didn’t make it to Cinque Terre while we were in Italy, but as far as things we’d recommend in Florence and Venice, we booked a 3 hour Best of Florence with Academy Gallery tour through romeprivateguides.com in Florence, which we really enjoyed. In Venice we had a lot of fun looking in the mask shops and enjoying a gondola ride. Best wishes for an amazing trip!

  5. Thank you Jennifer. I never thought of using facebook as a resource, but it actually looks like it might be a good one!

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