Garden in Boquete Boquete
Cabanas Sabrin - view from our cabin

Cabanas Sabrin - view from our cabin

On our first morning in Boquete, we received quite a shock about the place where we’re staying (Cabanas Sabrin). When we stepped into the shower, we discovered there was no hot water! All the faucets, including the shower, have only an option for cold water. So we both took cold showers, which really woke us up! And Boquete is colder than where we came from as well, so we were feeling a bit chilly today. I am now finally glad that I brought my jacket (it seemed like I would never need it until we got to Boquete).

Emily and Marie on a bridge

Emily and Marie on a bridge

After breakfast, we went to Mi Jardin es Su Jardin (My garden is your garden), which is someone’s garden they’ve opened to the public. There are many beautiful flowers, lots of ponds with carp, pretty bridges, and a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Afterward, we took a drive to see another hotel we thought about booking later. We then rested at our cabin for a while. The girls napped and colored and played outside.

Playing chess

Playing chess

Then we all went outside and played a game of yard chess together. I taught everyone how to the pieces move and how to play, and we played a good long game (probably 30 minutes). The girls moved the pieces and helped decide where to put them. Marie lost interest about half way through, but Emily kept focus almost all the way, even if she didn’t understand the strategy. She just wanted to kill the other pieces. :)

We then took a walk to see a nearby castle, which turned out to be a private residence, so we couldn’t go in. But we did see some toucans in cages at a hotel next door which we watched for a while. Beautiful birds!

Then we went to dinner at Macchu Picchu restaurant. It’s Peruvian food, and was very different but very good. I loved the soup I ordered. It was a some kind of shrimp chowder. I have recently started to chew my food and eat more slowly to help with digestion, as I’ve been having a bit of indigestion – nothing serious – I get this at home regularly, too, whenever I eat too fast, and almost every time I eat chocolate.

I’ve recently learned that chewing your food more (20-30 chews per bite) lets the saliva break down the food better, and prepares your stomach acids for the food that’s coming. And it’s also better not to drink water with your meal, but instead to drink water about 30 minutes before you eat. I’ve found that doing this does help my digestion, and I also taste the food more and enjoy it more when eating slowly, so this may be my new thing. I’ll no longer be the first to finish a meal! (This does prove unfortunate when sharing a chocolate cake with the family, however. I only get a few pieces. :))

When we came back to our cabin, we realized that we have intermittent Internet access in our hotel room! It doesn’t always work, but if you’re in just the right spot, you can get it. Jen and I were thrilled since we’d been without it for so long, so we stayed up until 1:30am answering e-mail, blogging, and living in our on-line worlds. :)

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  1. Beautiful beautiful flowers. The chess game looks fun :o) The three girls looks radiant. The cold showere doesn’t sound very good. How did the girls like their cold showers?

  2. @g.Renee – only Jen and I showered the first day. We didn’t think the girls would handle it well. And we chose not to shower ourselves the other two days either, so we’re a bit dirty today. But we’ll be showering at a new place tonight!

  3. That castle is beautiful… too bad you couldn’t go inside. I love all the flowers you’re seeing :)

  4. The cold shower was definitely an experience, to say the least. I really enjoyed playing chess with such big pieces, very fun. :) I’m so glad we stumbled upon those toucans. They truly are such beautiful birds.

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