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In the past 7 years, we’ve traveled to over 32 countries and visited dozens of cities and towns. Below, you can find a map of the highlights. Clicking any location will take you to posts in that location, for some travel inspiration.

Where are we now?

One of our favorite things about traveling is meeting with people, whether locals in the places we’re visiting, or other travelers. If you’ll be near us and would like to get together, feel free to contact us.

  • July 26th – Aug 26, 2018: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • August 26 – August 30: On planes…
  • August 30 – Sept 12th: Everett, WA & Maui, Hawaii
  • Sept 16 – Nov 29th: San Miguel de Allende for The Family Adventure Summit
  • November 30th – December 28th: Bali, Indonesia
  • December 28th – January 14th: Kerala, India
  • January 14th – March 14: Bali, Indonesia
  • March 14 – March 28: Luang Prabang, Laos
  • March 28th – May 23: Bali, Indonesia
  • May 23 – June 26: Europe (Germany, France, Czechia)
  • June 26 – July 18: Transylvania, Romania for At Home in the World Retreat
  • July 18-July 28: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • July 28-Aug 26: Seattle, Washington (for Family Adventure Academy)
  • Aug 26-Oct 23: Bali, Indonesia (for Family Adventure Summit)

What Are We Doing Now?

Click here to read a current update on what we’re doing now, as a family, and individually.

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Panama City

Before we left for Panama, we ordered a rental car through Thrifty for three weeks. We got a small Toyota Yaris for a great price – $437 for 3 weeks, which includes picking it up in Panama City and dropping it off in David (a $150 charge). (Note: There wasn’t an option to drop off in David on their website, so I had to call...

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Okay, now that I’m without Internet access where we’re staying, I’ve been writing the content of the blog and pictures while off-line, then coming to the Internet cafe to put everything on the blog. It’s a little inconvenient, but seems to be working okay. What I miss most, however, about not having the Internet is just being able to look things up that we’re learning...

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El Valle de Antón

Just a quick note to say we’re here in El Valle de Antón! Taboga Island was beautiful! We spent two days there at a rental house overlooking the water. We played at the beach, walked around town and had a great time. More details later. Now we’re in El Valle which I think is five times as beautiful as Taboga (but without the ocean since...

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Panama City

Today we went to church at the Bella Vista ward. It was quite different from the ward we went to last week near the Temple. This ward was comprised almost entirely of Spanish speakers, so obviously, everything was in Spanish. The past few days, Emily has been very distraught after getting dressed in the morning, saying that her clothes feel funny. Today was especially bad,...

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Panama City

Today we had a nice big breakfast at our hotel. For some reason, I was really hungry and able to eat a lot more food than usual. It felt good to have a large breakfast. We let the girls play on the playground for a bit, while chatting with a woman from Ireland who’s actually living in the Torres de Alba apartments while her husband...

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Panama City

Friday night, we took the girls swimming in the pool that’s at the hotel. They were so excited to go swimming. We even bought them inflatable life jackets, goggles, and a beach ball to play with. However, when it came to getting in the water, they were absolutely terrified! They didn’t mind sitting on the edge to splash their feet, and maybe taking a step...

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