Bridge in Nikko Japan

In about a month, I’m going to taking a small group of Jr. High School students to Japan for a week as a chaperon, along with my dad! I’m really excited to be able to go back to such a fun and beautiful place. This will actually be my third time to Japan, and I can’t wait. One of the nicest parts about this trip, however, is that it’s completely free for me! The city of Magna, Utah is paying my way as a chaperon (because of it’s sister-city exchange program with Yuzawa, Japan). Thank you Magna! And thank you, Dad, for recommending me as a chaperon!

It was going to be a two week trip, with a home stay opportunity in Yuzawa, but unfortunately, the Japanese officials got a little paranoid about all the swine flu stories they’ve been hearing, so they cancelled the program for this year (there seems to be a real scare about it in Japan – airport security has been extremely tight, etc.). For a while, it looked as though the whole trip might be cancelled, but fortunately, we were still able to arrange a stay in Tokyo, and will now even get to spend some time in Kyoto! (I love the gardens there!) Hooray!

I’ll be leaving the first part of July! I love Japan, and am so excited to go, especially with my dad there! And the kids seem really great as well. Although I will probably be gone for my 7th wedding anniversary. Oops! Sorry, Jen! I’ll make it up to you somehow!

Nihon ni Ikimasu!

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  1. I’m so excited for you!! (and a wee bit jealous- but mostly excited.)

    That will be so awesome for you to go… and it will be great for you to spend time with dad. That will be fun for both of you. Make sure to take tons of pictures and blog about it often!

  2. I’m glad you still get to go to Japan. :) I know you are very excited, and I’m sure you will enjoy it, especially the extra time with your Dad. Our wedding anniversary celebration will just have to be pushed up a bit or pushed back a bit, not really a huge issue. Although, you can go ahead and “make it up to me” as much as you want!! :)

  3. This is such an awesome opportunity. Can’t wait to see all the photos and hear about your adventure.

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