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New Orleans was a lot of fun! Jazz music on every corner — and good jazz, too! Voodoo shops and cemeteries, greasy yet tasty food, quaint architecture, and a unique vibe. Definitely a place of culture and heritage. The first few days we were able to enjoy it with my sister’s family before they headed back to Salt Lake. We tried all the local foods like po boys, gumbo, jumbalaya, and of course, bignets. P1170290 We also visited a cemetery where we saw some graves decorated in voodoo symbols and objects. P1170315 We visited a lovely park and strolled through some art in the garden. P1170329 P1170361 I like this photo I took of the bayou. Reminds me of an impressionistic painting. P1170380 And this guy chillin’ on a park bench. P1170333 We also took a ferry ride across the Mississippi river. P1170381 There were lots of cool street performers, and some were interactive, like this movable percussion cart. (See video below to hear what it sounded like). P1170298 And this guy who played crystal goblets. He was very entertaining, and even let the kids help. P1170312 We also toured an old house and learned more about what life was like in New Orleans in the 1800’s. For example, how slaves were allowed to earn money outside of the home in New Orleans, and could buy their own freedom, because the town was settled by the French and Spanish. And we learned about some of the privileges that were denied to women during that time, and how they were expected to hide their negative emotions, and often took opium to cope. The Hurricane Katrina and Mardi Gras Museum was very interesting as well. The night life was interesting, although Bourbon street was a bit stinky and dirty. Many interesting shops to browse through in the French quarter. New Orleans definitely has a feel of its own. P1170387 Check out more pictures and videos of New Orleans below.

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  1. Jennifer Pearce Says: October 20, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    The bayou was beautiful, and the music and art was so fun. That crystal goblet player really knew his stuff, so glad we found him. I enjoyed learning more about the history of New Orleans while we were there too. Such a strong culture and really friendly people.

  2. And a good time was had by ALL. Really enjoyed reading about your experience there, may be someday I’ll visit .

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