10 Things to Love about Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia / Travel

Have you ever immediately fallen in love with a place you have visited? From the moment we arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we felt completely charmed! There is so much we loved about Ljubljana. We spent an entire month in this beautiful city and we could have easily spent longer!

Here is a video our daughter Emily put together about our time in Ljubljana, and some of things we love about it.

Here are a few things we love about Ljubljana:

  1. The architecture is beautiful and human-sized, with colorful flowers lining the streets, lovely fountains, charming bridges over a river, and quaint shops.
  2. It is quiet in the center, as no cars are allowed. It feels so peaceful walking the wide, flat, stone streets.
  3. There is free drinkable water flowing from fountains, and restaurants happily give you free water when you order, unlike most of Europe.
  4. There is free wifi throughout the town (free for 60 minutes per device)
  5. There are so many delicious international restaurants and markets, and at reasonable prices (3-4 EUR for a high-quality sandwich, 5-9 EUR for a dinner plate, or 10+ EUR for nicer restaurants), including many vegan and vegetarian-friendly places. They also stay open all day, unlike many parts of Europe where they close for the afternoon.
  6. There’s a good bus system leading to the city outskirts where there are malls and other shopping (through the help of a friend, I was even able to take a bus out and buy a new charger for my drone!)
  7. Ljubljana is surrounded by beautiful green hills and parks, and nature is never far.
  8. There is plenty of live music and many talented street performers in the evenings.
  9. It’s so clean! They have a fantastic recycling program, with solar-powered dispensers around the city with an underground waste system, and many electric vehicle charging stations – we’re told it’s the “green” capital of Europe.
  10. The local food markets were amazing. We were able to find plenty of fresh, organic produce for reasonable prices at local farmers markets, including a yogurt and milk vending machine – all open daily. And during the summer, there is a weekly market with international food vendors for a fun and delicious atmosphere.

Overall, the energy of the city felt peaceful, spacious, refined, respectful, friendly, and just good all around to us. Ljubljana feels like a good match for our family. What places have you been that feel like a good match for you?


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