Los Chorros Waterfall and Breakdancing Costa Rica

This morning, we decided to fulfill Marie’s biggest wish since she got here: go swimming. Unfortunately, after about a 10 minute walk to the pool, we found out that it was closed. It turns out that many shops, restaurants, and other facilities close on Mondays. And some just close whenever they want to – this is Costa Rica, after all.

So, we thought we’d take a trip to a nearby waterfall so the girls could swim there instead. There are several waterfalls near Grecia, and we decided to visit one called “Los Chorros”, about 20 minutes outside of Grecia by bus, plus a short taxi ride. It cost about $6 or $7 for all four of us to travel there and back, and there was a $5 admission fee for adults.

We took a short hike to the falls. There are actually two large waterfalls, and we went to the lower one. We were the only ones there! It has been very windy the past couple days, and with the cool water spraying on us, it got kind of chilly. It felt good, but not so good for swimming. Plus, the water wasn’t very deep. Marie was a little scared with all the noisy water, and the slippery rocks, but we had a good time wading in the water. It closes at 4pm, so next time, I think we’ll go in the morning so we can have more time to explore, and so it will be a little warmer.

Our taxi driver said he’d pick us up at 4:30pm, but he didn’t show up. That’s normal. The workers at the waterfall were so nice, and tried to call our taxi driver, but couldn’t get reception where they were. So at 4:50pm they drove us up to the top of a hill in the back of their pick-up truck and called him. He came to get us shortly after.

We went to a couple good restaurants today, and even though they are good and aren’t very expensive, we are looking forward to having our own kitchen soon so we don’t have to keep going out every meal. Tomorrow, we’ll be going to see more houses and hopefully we can find something we really like.

On the way back from dinner tonight, we walked through Grecia’s central park, and we saw some breakdancers practicing on the stage. We were amazed at the strength and balance these guys showed. Check out the video and pictures below to see more of our day, and the girls’ impression of the breakdancers.

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  1. The falls look so beautiful. I especially love the picture where you’re standing holding Marie at a wall of little waterfalls…. just perfect.

  2. Okay, I just put the video on. YouTube was down a little last night (in “read-only” mode, so I couldn’t post the video then. Enjoy!

  3. Oh how fun!! I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s amazing to me how much the trails and waterfall look like Hawaii… these pictures are beautiful. And so is the video. I’m so glad you guys are having fun!!

    Cool breakdancers! It amazes me how much strength those guys have…

  4. Awesome day! We will definitely be going to those waterfalls earlier in the day next time, when it is a bit warmer, and so we have more time to explore and play. That break dancing was very fun to watch as well! I’m glad Emily encouraged us to stop and watch for a while, as we were passing through the park. :)

  5. Aunt Kathy Says: January 12, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    So beautiful guys! I keep thinking of how much your mom would love to be there with her camera in tow. She’d have a blast. Thanks for posting, I love to see the girls having so many fun experiences with you. Poor Marie, maybe she can swim today and congrats’ to Emily on learning how to blow bubbles with her gum. Yeah!

  6. Brandon, those are some awesome pictures!

  7. Looks beautiful. You guys haven’t wasted anytime before exploring what Costa Rica has to offer and you have already had some hiccups. That’s what it’s all about, huh.

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