Emily doing a Panamanian dance in our living room Volcán

Today we met and had lunch with a nice family we met on some Panama forums before we left. Bernie helps people protect assets and minimize taxes through foreign trusts and foundations, and we had some long talks about that. Marisol and Jen talked a bit about health and home schooling, both of which we’re interested in. They also have a 2 year daughter named Yahli and the kids had a lot of fun playing together. Marisol also taught Emily how to do a little Panamanian dance which she picked right up on. It was really fun to be able to visit and talk to people other than ourselves :), and we’re glad we have some more dates setup this week with others who live here. The people are so friendly!

Emily on the monkey bars

Emily on the monkey bars

We ate lunch at Hotel Dos Rios, which has a little playground where the kids enjoyed swinging and running around. They also have a butterfly house, but it was recently destroyed when a tree fell on it during a strong windstorm. This was a nice restaurant, though, and we enjoyed the food a lot.

At the playground, Emily had a great achievement as well. She made it all across the monkey bars by herself for the very first time! We were all really excited for her, and she was also excited for herself. :)

After our visit with Bernie’s family, we rested for a while back home, and the kids watched some more cartoons in Spanish. Then we went to dinner at the Loco Pollo (crazy chicken) Mexican restaurant. I had a delicious burrito and Jen had some enchiladas. It was good to get some Mexican food. I haven’t had much of it here, and I like it quite a bit.

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  1. It was so nice to visit with Bernie, Marisol, and Yahli. I’m so glad Emily could make it all the way across the monkey bars. She was very happy about that, but not happy about the blister on her hand afterwards. :( Yahli was such a cute little girl. It was her first time playing in a swing, and she was giggling really cute. :)

  2. Did you take your video camera with you? Would love a video of Emily and Marie dancing and singing Panamaian songs :)

    Way to go Emily on the bars!!! And I feel your pain on those blisters……

    Love you guys!

  3. BTW – I love the new alien avatars, though mine doesn’t look particularly happy. Though maybe with it’s crossed legs it’s just in desperate need of finding a bathroom?? :)

  4. That is awesome you guys were able to talk to people other than yourselves- and that they are so friendly. I’m sure Emily loved the dance. She’s such a good little dancer.

    How fun! I also loved the pictures with all the horses and such :) And cute hair cuts.

  5. @Allison – there was no singing, just dancing. And I didn’t get it on video but had the camera right there. I’ve got to think more about that. It’s a bit harder to publish the videos since it records in m2ts format (hd) and I have to do a lot of editing as well. But I have taken videos along the trip and will continue to. Glad you like the monsters. There’s another option to make them more alien-like. Maybe I’ll try that instead. :)

  6. Hi Jennifer and Brandon. Thank you for your kind words about our family. I have been reading your blog (almost done with all of the dates) and I am so happy that we have met you. I like your family because you “DO” know what love is. Loving each other and loving your children. The more I read your posts, the more confident I am that all your family goals will be accomplished. The only thing that I would have wished we could have done when you were here, was to spend more time with you. We will continue to keep each other posted of the accomplishments in our lives. I am looking forward to recording the upcoming changes in our yard. From disaster area to a fruit and veggie garden. We have done it before, we will do it again. Blessings. Marisol. Hugs to Emily and Marie.

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