Monteverde Cloud Forest Costa Rica

The highlight of our trip to Nicaragua was actually in Costa Rica, just 2 1/2 hours from our house in Grecia. We took a detour on our way back home to see the rainforest in Monteverde. It’s actually quite close geographically, but you have to drive up a steep dirt road for almost an hour to get there. This trip made us very glad we decided to buy a 4×4 instead of a little sedan.

We had heard that Monteverde is a beautiful rainforest area, and that the roads leading up to it were bad, but didn’t know anything else about it. And truly, on the way up going 15 miles per hour, bump after bump, I was wondering if it was really worth it to ever come back up again. But after experiencing it, I will go up whenever I get the chance! It is the most beautiful rainforest I’ve ever seen! Of course, we did just come from Nicaragua, which was extremely dry. Check out these contrasting pictures, just 2-3 hours away from each other:

There is so much to do at Monteverde, including hiking, canopy tours (zip-line), tarzan swing, reptile museum, butterfly house, hummingbird house, insect museum and more! We only had time for one activity, so we chose to walk across the 8 sky bridges they have connecting a 3km trail through the forest. It was incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it. You get to experience the rainforest from the ground floor, as well as high above the trees. I think I prefer this to zip-lining because I get time to stop and enjoy the sights, hear the unusual sounds, and breathe the fresh smells.

A Long and Beautiful Hike

The hike was a little long for the girls, though, especially Emily, who really needed to use the potty during the last half-hour, but refused to go on the forest floor because she said she didn’t want to make such a beautiful place dirty. :) We couldn’t convince her otherwise, and unfortunately, there are no [man-made] bathrooms along the trail, which took us about an hour and half to walk, so she held it in, and complained about it a lot. Besides that, the hike was fabulous!

While walking, we heard monkeys, saw many unusual plants, trees, flowers, and vines, and heard some very interesting bird songs. It was a perfectly clear day before we entered the cloud forest, and I was wondering if there would even be any clouds. But there certainly were. We even felt a few raindrops during the hike. It is a rainforest, after all. It was so incredibly green, and filled with so much life. I felt more alive as well, just being there! I just can’t seem to get enough of this climate.

On the way back, after the dirt roads, we stopped at a nice little restaurant for dinner called Tica Linda, which even had a playground for the kids. When it was time to leave, however, my car wouldn’t start! It turns out all the bumpy roads caused the battery cable to disconnect. A man from the restaurant helped tighten the screws and we’re all good now. It gave me a little scare, though.

Check out the pictures and videos below. The video includes a few clips from the our time in Nicaragua, as well as in Africa Mia, and of course Monteverde.

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  1. I felt like I might as well have been in Heaven while we were on some of those sky bridges up in the trees of Monte Verde. AMAZING!!! I didn’t quite realize such a place even existed. It really was worth the long and bumpy drive to get there…and then some.

  2. Beautiful..just beautiful. The Zoo looked like a fun experience. Sure glad there was someone around to help you get the car running :o)
    I really enjoyed seeing the video and pictures.

  3. I have only heard good things about Monteverde. It does look beautiful. I’m glad you got to go. That zoo looks so cool. Your girls have come such a long way with their swimming. I suggest you go to Belize (for sure) and Honduras for some of your other 72 hour trips, although you would obviously have to be gone longer than 72 hrs for them but I bet flying from costa rica to there is a lot cheaper than from the US.

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