What are we doing now – June 25, 2016

Updated: June 25, 2016

As a Family

  • We’re back in Victoria, BC, Canada, where we plan to be for the next several months. We’re staying in one of the same vacation rentals we were in last year, but the rental market is pretty saturated here, so we’ll be in four different houses during our time here.
  • vic-7165We also bought a car – the first we’ve owned in 6 years! Because we’re planning to be here for so long this year, we determined it would be cheaper to buy and later sell a car (even with insurance, taxes, and registration), than it would be to rent. So we’re now the owners of a 2008 Dodge Caravan, which should be good for some longer road trips as well.
  • We’re hosting a few guests this summer, including Jen’s parents and her step-sister’s family, and we’re hosting several dinners and meetups with friends.
  • We shared a tour of our rental in a recent video post. Check out the video tour below.


  • I just got back from the Savvy Musician in Action Conference at Columbia University, an arts entrepreneurship event where I was a thought leader and gave a keynote speech. It was a great experience, and I felt inspired and humbled to be part of it.
  • I’ve continued to do weekly videos on the blog (also shared on my YouTube channel) – although I took a short break for the conference. I’m enjoying the process and feel like I’m getting more comfortable speaking on video and organizing helpful content.
  • I’m now doing coaching! I’m working with a handful of select clients who are ready to make big life changes. It’s a rewarding and fulfilling process for me to be able to support such incredible people in their life journeys toward living their dreams while enjoying life along the way. I’m also enjoying all that I’m learning through coaching.
  • I’m continuing to do interviews. Here are two of my recent ones:


  • Preparing for her presentation later this year on emotions and relationships for the Life Without Instructions Conference.
  • Taking weekly voice lessons, and practicing singing
  • Writing blog posts about our travel adventures. Her 5-part series on our time in New Zealand will be published shortly.
  • Creating new recipes in the kitchen

Emily (age 12)

  • Emily is currently spending 3 weeks with her friend in Ontario, Canada. It’s her first solo trip, and she flew by herself. Such a big girl, growing up fast…
  • Her friend is a violinist so they’re planning to do lots of busking (street performing) together, as well as cooking, pranking, creating YouTube videos, and other fun things that 12 year old girls do.
  • Also, she now has 3 of her songs for sale on iTunes!

Marie (age 10)

  • Playing lots of Animal Jam and Minecraft, often with her sister or friends in other parts of the world.
  • Practicing handstands and gymnastics tricks
  • Reading the Warrior Cat books on the Epic app
  • Taking online digital art lessons from a professional artist in Germany

Aysia (age 5)

  • Playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys she got for her birthday
  • Playing AnimalJam (often with her sisters)
  • Reading books on the Epic app (or usually, having them read to her)

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