What Are We Doing Now? – July 21, 2016

Updated: July 21, 2016

As a Family

  • We’re basing here in Victoria, BC, Canada until mid-December (in four different houses during that time, due to limited rental options.)
  • Jen and I have been working hard on several new projects we’ve taken on. The biggest is the Family Adventure Summit, a conference we’ll be hosting next year for traveling families and those who aspire to travel. We’ll bring in speakers, have presentations, and fun games and activities for all ages. We’re really excited about the event and hope it will be an inspirational and connecting experience for all involved. If you’re interested and would like to give your input, please fill out this survey.
  • Our family was recently interviewed for the Intuitive Child online summit. You can watch our interview here.
  • We bought a car – the first we’ve owned in 6 years! Because we’re planning to be here for so long this year, we determined it would be cheaper to buy and later sell a car (even with insurance, taxes, and registration), than it would be to rent. So we’re now the owners of a 2008 Dodge Caravan, which should be good for some longer road trips as well.car-7861
  • Here’s a recent video post showing a tour of the first house we rented when we landed here in June.


  • I feel busier than I’ve felt in a long time, but all with projects that inspire me. From the improvements we’re launching soon on Music Teacher’s Helper, to the Family Adventure Summit planning, preparations for my upcoming presentations at the Life Without Instructions conference, and several other things – my “work” life is feeling very full.
  • I’m really enjoying coaching, especially seeing my clients doing incredible things they’d only dreamed about doing (or hadn’t imagined themselves doing) before we started, and loving the way their lives are flowing. I’m also enjoying all that I’m learning through coaching.
  • I’m still doing a weekly video for the blog, although lately, they’ve been travel videos related to Jen’s New Zealand series. I actually think they’re some of my best videos yet. You can check them out at the bottom of each post here.


  • Preparing for her presentation later this year on emotions and relationships for the Life Without Instructions Conference.
  • Taking weekly voice lessons, and practicing singing
  • Writing blog posts about our travel adventures. Her 5-part series on our time in New Zealand is amazing.
  • Creating new recipes in the kitchen

Emily (age 12)

  • Emily has returned from 3 weeks with her friend in Ontario, Canada. She had an amazing time busking, cooking, camping, and playing.
  • She’s preparing for the songwriting workshop she’ll be teaching at the Life Without Instructions conference in September.
  • Creating more YouTube videos, and other fun things that 12 year old girls do.
  • Looking forward to recording more of her music to add to the 3 songs she already has for sale on iTunes!

Marie (age 10)

  • Playing lots of Animal Jam and Minecraft, often with her sister or friends in other parts of the world.
  • Practicing handstands and gymnastics tricks
  • Reading the Warrior Cat books on the Epic app
  • Taking online digital art lessons from a professional artist in Germany

Aysia (age 5)

  • Playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys she got for her birthday
  • Playing AnimalJam (often with her sisters)
  • Reading books on the Epic app (or usually, having them read to her)

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