What Are We Doing Now? 2016-09-26

Updated: Sep 26, 2016

As a Family

  • We’re still here in Victoria, BC, Canada until mid-December, and our kids are getting heavily involved in a lot of the classes and opportunities here. More on that below.
  • Our family recently spoke at the Life Without Instructions conference on Staten Island about Living as a Nomadic Family. Jen also gave a workshop on Cultivating Rewarding Relationships Amid Differences, Emily gave a songwriting workshop which everyone loved, and Marie taught a juggling lesson. It was a fantastic conference, and we came away inspired, and especially enjoyed the deep conversations we had with friends there.
  • Jen and I have been working hard on several new projects we’ve taken on. The biggest is the Family Adventure Summit, a live conference we’ll be hosting next year for traveling families and those who aspire to travel long-term. We’ll have speakers and workshops on topics like travel, entrepreurship, education, parenting, community, and life fulfillment, as well as fun games and activities for all ages. We’re really excited about the event and hope it will be an inspirational and connecting experience for all involved. If you’re interested and would like to give your input, please fill out this survey.
  • Another project we’re working on is a workshop we’ll be teaching about intuition in Salt Lake in January. This is a topic we’re very passionate about and are excited to begin sharing more of what we’ve experienced with it. We also hope to hold a retreat on the same topic in Bali the following year.
  • And even more passion projects will be announced soon… :) At this point, I’ll just say that we’re keeping very busy, but are very happy and excited to be doing what we’re doing.


  • In addition to all the projects I’m working on, I’m continue to enjoy coaching, especially seeing my clients doing incredible things they’d only dreamed about doing (or hadn’t imagined themselves doing) before we started, and loving the way their lives are flowing. I’m also enjoying all that I’m learning through coaching.
  • I’ve been reading a great book lately called Joy On Demand by Chade-Meng Tan, which provides some simple but effective exercises for improving your emotional state through mindfulness and meditation.
  • I finally took some time to learn how to use Asana more effectively as a task management tool, so I’m moving away from Toodledo. As great and flexible as Toodledo has been for me, Asana works much better with teams, and is simpler in other ways. It’s nice to be down to one task management system again.


  • In addition to the projects above, she’s taking weekly voice lessons, and practicing singing
  • Creating new recipes in the kitchen

Emily (age 13)

  • Taking weekly violin lessons with a local teacher here in Victoria
  • Singing in a local children’s choir (singvictoria.com)
  • Continuing to take singing and songwriting lessons from her teacher in Los Angeles via Skype.
  • Working on her new music website
  • Creating impressive animations and drawings with her new digital sketch pad
  • Taking weekly ice skating lessons with her sisters
  • Attending one day a week at a free/democratic school
  • Studying in a class about Japanese history and culture and a class for tinkering with tech

Marie (age 11)

  • Reading the Warrior Cat books on the Epic app. One week, she read 36 hours!
  • Taking weekly gymnastics classes
  • Playing lots of Animal Jam with her sister or friends in other parts of the world.
  • Taking weekly ice skating lessons with her sisters
  • Attending one day a week at a free/democratic school
  • Looking forward to more playdates

Aysia (age 5)

  • Attending one day a week at a free/democratic school
  • Taking weekly ice skating lessons with her sisters
  • Playing with her sisters using little toys or her iPad
  • Learning to read throughs several iPad apps, including Epic and Endless Reader

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