What Are We Doing Now? – Mar 26, 2017

Updated: Mar 26, 2017

As a Family

  • We’ve spent the past few weeks in San Diego, California, visiting family, attending conferences, leading a workshop, and more.
  • We attended Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy, and invited some family, friends, and teams from Music Teacher’s Helper, the Family Adventure Summit. We had a fantastic time and left fully charged and ready to engage with life in a new way. If you’d like to hear more about what I’m learning as we attend these types of events, be sure to sign up for my free Weekly NOW email series.
  • We’re having tons of fun planning the Family Adventure Summit, and we now have over 130 people registered for the event! If you haven’t heard, this is a 3-day live event for families interested in long-term travel and location-independence. It will be on Sep 1-3, 2017 in Penticton, BC, Canada. We’re really excited about the event and hope it will be an inspirational and connecting experience for all involved. Learn more here.
  • Jen and I taught our third workshop on intuition here in San Diego, and it went great! But we’ve decided to postpone the retreat we were planning in Bali this year, just because we have so much else going and summer is coming quickly, and we want more time to plan and prepare to make it an incredible experience for all.
  • As a family, we’ve visited some beautiful spots around San Diego lately, including La Jolla Cove (pictured above), Balboa Park, and the Anzo-Borrego Desert State Park, where we saw beautiful wildflowers in bloom.
  • We’ve been enjoying reading the Story of the World series as a family each night and are learning a lot about world history through it.
  • Tomorrow, we fly to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico where we’ll explore Playa del Carmen and Tulum for a few days, and then spend a week in Merida attending the Worldschool Family Summit, where we’ll also be speaking.
  • Last but not least, our biggest announcement is that we bought a house in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! We close in two days, and move in mid-April, but we’re really excited to have a place to call our own in such a beautiful and fun location, and we look forward to settling our family there for the next while, and renting it out as a vacation rental when we’re gone.


  • I recently attended the MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association) conference in Baltimore, Maryland, and really enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with Andrew, my marketing director, and also several other amazing people in the industry. I’m feeling more connected to my Music Teacher’s Helper business than I have in years, and am excited for what we’re working on and what’s ahead for us. MTH has some exciting improvements coming this year, and it’s fun to work on it with great people.
  • I’m continuing to enjoy coaching, especially as I see my clients progress in their life and business, working on and actually reaching their goals. If you’re interested in working with me as a coach or consultant, please get in touch.
  • I’ve been having so much fun with the Mavic Pro drone lately, taking some incredible footage and photos. I look forward to finding time over the next few months to put together some videos to share.
  • Almost my entire life, I’ve stretched in the morning, coupled with some yoga, tai chi, or qigong. And that feels great, but lately, I’ve felt like I needed more. So I’ve been branching out with pushups and some floor cardio exercises, and so far I’m really enjoying the feeling I get in the process.


  • Jen is really enjoying working as a certified high performance coach and she’s making a big difference in the lives of her clients. Her energy, enthusiasm, clarity, and perceptive questions get right to the heart of helping you discover the best of you are, what you want, and living from that place with hightened and sustained levels of performance and enjoyment. If you’re interested in working with Jen, please get in touch.
  • In addition to working on her intuition workshop, she’s also continuing to enjoy her weekly voice lessons, and practicing singing.

Emily (age 13)

  • Emily is still songwriting and animating, but now she’s combining the two. She recently wrote a sweet song called “Dancing in the rain” about enjoying the moment even when things don’t go the way you want, and she’s working on an animation to go along with it as a kind of music video. It’s going to be over 4,000 frames, but she’s dedicated to making it amazing. I can’t wait to see it!
  • Emily’s continuing to take violin, singing, and songwriting lessons via Skype.

Marie (age 11)

  • The past few weeks, we haven’t had any local classes as our time here has been limited, but Marie has continued to draw a lot using the Procreate app on her iPad and has created some beautiful art.
  • She’s also playing lots of Animal Jam with her sister, and her friends in other parts of the world.
  • She’s really enjoyed the playtime with her cousins while she’s been here.

Aysia (age 5)

    • Aysia’s been enjoying learning to read through websites like starfall.com and StoryLine.
    • Drawing and making videos on her iPad
    • Playing with her sisters and cousins, and enjoying walks to the park.

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