What Are We Doing Now?

Updated: July 16, 2017

As a Family

  • It’s an exciting time for our family. We recently returned from an amazing 2.5 week trip to Bali, where my (Brandon’s) parents visited. I also took a “true” vacation for part of the time, completely staying off email and my computer (encouraged slightly because my Macbook Pro died while we were there…). It felt so good to be back in that climate and culture, and we felt more relaxed than we had in a while. Besides getting a lot of cheap (but very good) massages (think USD $6-15/hour), we did many of the touristy things you’d expect to do in Bali, as we showed my parents around. You can see some of the photos and videos on our Instagram account if you scroll enough. Marie also spent a lot of time playing with her best friend Ayisha, whom she was very excited to see.
  • Now, having spent a few weeks back “home” in San Miguel de Allende, fixing more things up on the house to help it rent better, we’re heading this week to Europe! We’ll be participating in some long meetings for a top secret documentary project we’re working on in the UK. And then we’ll explore Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden, while visiting friends we know along the way.
  • All the while, we’re busy preparing for our upcoming conference, the Family Adventure Summit. We have about 170 attendees registered now, and are expecting over 200 for the event. We’ve had so much fun planning this conference, even though it’s been a LOT of work. We know it’s going to be an incredible experience for everyone who comes. If you’re at all interested in long-term family travel, location independence, entrepreneurship, or alternative education, be sure to check it out. The conference will be from Sep 1-3, 2017 in beautiful Penticton, BC, Canada. We’d love to see you there!


  • I’m coming up on my 40th week writing my Weekly NOW email series! I love sharing what’s going on in my world each week and the things I’m learning, as well as hearing your thoughts in response. If you’re like to join in, you can sign up for free here.
  • I’ve been having so much fun with the Mavic Pro drone lately, taking some incredible footage and photos. I look forward to finding time over the next few months to put together some videos to share. Here’s one short film I put together when we were in Bali.

  • I’m now up to doing 50 pushups at once every morning, followed by 50 situps. It feels really good to do this, especially in conjunction with my tai chi and qigong practice.


  • Jen is really enjoying working as a certified high performance coach and she’s making a big difference in the lives of her clients. Her energy, enthusiasm, clarity, and perceptive questions get right to the heart of helping you discover the best of you are, what you want, and living from that place with hightened and sustained levels of performance and enjoyment. If you’re interested in working with Jen, please get in touch.
  • In addition to working on her intuition workshop, she’s also continuing to enjoy her weekly voice lessons, and practicing singing.
  • She’s also thoroughly enjoying taking bellydancing classes and attending a dream circle here in San Miguel.

Emily (age 13)

  • Emily is putting a lot of passion into her art and animations lately. She’s been working on the 4,000 frame animation for her song “Dance in the Rain” and is currently 600 frames through it. She’s also sending out a weekly newsletter, where you can follow her progress. Check it out EmilyPearceMusic.com.
  • She loves her painting class here, too, and hopes to get into an art college in New York one day.
  • Emily’s continuing to take violin, singing, and songwriting lessons via Skype.

Marie (age 11)

  • After shaving her head and letting it grow out a bit, Marie decided she wanted to die it blue! Doesn’t she look great?
  • Marie is creating a lot of unique digital art using the Procreate app on her iPad, as well as oil painting lessons from a local teacher in Mexico.
  • She’s been enjoying her horseback riding lessons and is getting quite good at it.
  • She’s also playing lots of Animal Jam with her sister, and her friends in other parts of the world. She was so happy to see her friend Ayisha in Bali and is very much looking forward to seeing her again in Denmark.
  • Marie has been studying Swedish a lot on her own lately, and is excited to practice it when we go to Sweden this year.
  • Marie also got braces this week and several teeth pulled! Fortunately, dental work in Mexico is quite affordable. It will only cost us $280 for all the teeth pullings and braces, plus around $28 for each follow-up appointment. And that’s without insurance!

Aysia (age 5)

  • Aysia’s been enjoying learning to read, and her sisters (especially Marie) have been helping her, too.
  • She enjoys playing with her sisters, reading with her parents, drawing, playing with toys, and being sweet.

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