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For the past six months, our family has been working on a secret project and we are so excited to finally be able to share our news with you! We are working with an amazing group of people to create a new documentary film, Into The Wind!

In this film, we will be telling the stories of several families who have set out on their own journeys Into the Wind. These are stories of families from different parts of the world in various life situations, with one thing in common – they have asked themselves what kind of life they want to lead and they are taking action to make their dreams their reality. This is a film that will you cause you to question your own life and expand your mind with new possibilities.

There is a growing movement of families who are recognizing the unprecedented opportunities that now exist in our digital age, and who are choosing to create inspired lives together. Now, more than ever, it is possible for families to choose to live lives that reach beyond societal expectations; to create a lifestyle that embraces a thirst for growth, connection, authenticity, and adventure!

Set against the backdrop of the contemporary status quo, this film explores the transformational life choices a growing number of families are embracing. Where the world is both teacher and provider, families shed cultural expectations, challenge preconceptions of money and success, examine what it means to be educated, and redefine the concept of community and home. On an ongoing journey of learning and discovery, travel is a way of life, a way of interacting with the world and connecting with its people. So old in its origins, Into the Wind could be the modern answer to what we’re all seeking.

Our Team

It has been such a pleasure for everyone in our family to be working with these extraordinary people on a project that we believe will have a powerful impact on the lives of many families. On the documentary team are four families, including ours. One is a former producer from National Geographic, another is the owner of a production studio in the UK, and the other is a full-time traveling family like ours. Everyone on the team embraces and lives the ironically radical idea that we all have the power to choose an extraordinary life!

In our own journey of traveling the world for the last eight years, our family has learned that in any new project we take on, passion is the key. Over the last few years, Jennifer and I have become increasingly passionate about encouraging other families to align their lives with their dreams, to live lives of purpose, passion, and intention. This film, along with our other projects like the Family Adventure Summit, is our way of helping to cultivate and facilitate a movement of families who want to live their truth with purpose and adventure!

Be sure to visit http://intothewindfilm.com now to get a preview of the teaser-trailer and get on the mailing list so you can be updated as the film progresses.

Thank you for being a part of this growing movement of families living their dreams!

Brandon is a location independent entrepreneur, musician, worldschooling father, and the principal author of this blog. He's all about reaching his potential and enjoying life to the fullest in each moment.