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Family Adventure Summit

Come meet other families intent on living with purpose and adventure at our annual event! Learn about long-term travel, location independence, entrepreneurship, alternative education, and more, with fun games and cultural activities for kids and families.

Our 2018 event is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico over Day of the Dead! Over 250 people have already registered. Get your tickets before they’re sold out!

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At Home in the World Family Retreat

In the Summer of 2018, we are extending an invitation to ten families to join us for 3 weeks in an unprecedented transformational experience of learning, adventure, exploration, and discovery.

Our next retreat will be June 28-July 19, 2018 in Transylvania, Romania. Click the button below to learn more and to apply.

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Dream Achievement Blueprint

You are capable of achieving your dreams! This 3-part video series will help you gain clarity on what you want, teach you how to increase your productivity, and give you the tools and motivation to take action on your goals all the way to completion while enjoying the process along the way.

Sign up now to get exclusive free training and discounts on the course!

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Family Travel Accelerator

Learn how to travel the world with your family in this LIVE monthly program with Brandon Pearce, along with Q&A.

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Weekly NOW

Every Sunday in this FREE newsletter, I’ll send you a summary of my latest thoughts and learnings on travel, entrepreneurship, spirituality/personal development, alternative education, books I’m reading, photography, and more!

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Embrace Being - Coaching with Jennifer

Have you ever desired to feel more meaning and connection in your life? As a certified high performance coach, Jennifer will help you tune into yourself and apply proven practices to create a high performance life, in which you experience an ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence, that comes from being your best self.

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Into the Wind

This new film highlights the growing movement of families choosing the kind of life they want to lead – a life of connection and freedom through long-term travel and worldschooling.

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Our Travels

Where have we been ?

In the past 9 years, we’ve traveled to over 36 countries and visited dozens of cities and towns. Below, you can find a map of the highlights. Clicking any location will take you to posts in that location, for some travel inspiration.

Where are we now?


  • Aug 20-26, 2017: Sweden Road Trip to Stockholm
  • Aug 27-Sep 3, 2017: Penticton, BC, Canada for The Family Adventure Summit
  • Sep 4-27, 2017: Leavenworth, Washington, USA
  • Sep 27 – Oct 10, 2017: Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Oct 10 – Oct 24, 2017: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • Oct 24 – April 18, 2018: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • April 18 – May 19th, 2018: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • May 19th – May 30th, 2018: Hiking the Camino, Spain
  • May 30th – June 9th, 2018: Portugal
  • June 9th – June 20th, 2018: Budapest, Hungary
  • June 20th – July 20th, 2018: Romania for the At Home In The World Retreat

What are we doing now?

Click here to read a current update on what we’re doing now, as a family, and individually.

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