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In the past 7 years, we’ve traveled to over 32 countries and visited dozens of cities and towns. Below, you can find a map of the highlights. Clicking any location will take you to posts in that location, for some travel inspiration.

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One of our favorite things about traveling is meeting with people, whether locals in the places we’re visiting, or other travelers. If you’ll be near us and would like to get together, feel free to contact us.

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Snow and leaves Family / Personal

We’ve been visiting our friends and family here in Salt Lake City, Utah the past week or so. It has been great to see everyone, share some nice hugs, meals, and long conversations, and also experience the cozy feeling of the town we grew up in. I had forgotten how nice it feels to walk on carpet in socks! Ahhh… The leaves on the trees...

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Epcot globe Travel

This past week we enjoyed some time at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It’s been a great week, and it started out with a bit of culture shock. The first few days, we found ourselves speaking Spanish to people accidentally, which was a little embarrassing. But it turns out a lot of people in Orlando speak Spanish. The rest just ignored us, fortunately. We were...

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Mindo Ecuador Ecuador / Mindo / Quito

We’re having a blast in Disney World right now, so I’m not going to take much time on this post. Mostly, I’ll just comment on some of the highlights of our time in Quito, and the nearby town (ie. 2 hour bus ride) of Mindo, where we spent a night. The town of Quito was larger than we expected, but is a beautiful city surrounded...

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Giant tortoise Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, just off the coast of Ecuador, provide some of the most unique wildlife viewing experiences in the world. The animals here evolved without humans attacking them, and therefore they have no fear of us. It’s been incredible being able to walk up to a sea lion, marine iguana, or heron, and have it not run, fly, or swim away. We read in...

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Former pool and patio area Ecuador

And what a welcome it has been! The day we arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador was permeated with extreme political unrest. President Correa had just threatened to cut police benefits, so all the police were on strike. Many took advantage of the situation by robbing stores and banks, burning tires in the middle of the road, and marching in rallies to express their views. We were...

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Family at Machu Picchu Peru

To say that our visit to Machu Picchu was amazing would be an understatement. There just don’t seem to be words to describe places like this. Having visited many ruins in Peru over the past couple weeks, I was expecting more of the same. However, on the bus ride up, with the backdrop of the morning sunlight streaking through the steep Andean peaks, I sensed...

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  • This is a common sight around San Miguel de Allendehellip
  • I love these murals painted on the Life Path walkhellip
  • We dont get many bugs in our house in Sanhellip
  • I love the rays of light shooting down from thehellip
  • We recently attended a fun community talent show and potluckhellip
  • This old church is on a picturesque path near thehellip



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