Beautiful day at our house Costa Rica

I have been keeping several photos and videos on my computer for the past few weeks because I wasn’t sure if wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to any one of them. So I figured today I would just post some random photos and videos that show what’s been going on in our lives the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. They had SUCH a fun time at that swimming pool with the kids from our branch. I’m so glad they were able to get to know them even better. It is amazing to me how much fun they can all have together, even with the language barrier. Those flowers are so beautiful. I think you all have a bright futureahead of you in flower arranging. :D Thank you so much! I am VERY impressed!!

  2. I love the snippets. That rain is glorious. I imagine it would get tiresome after awhile, but there is still something so refreshing/cleansing/invigorating/exciting about rainstorms.

    Your birds are very sweet.

  3. I agree with mother. That rain is incredible. And soothing. (At least for short periods of time… lol)

    This video made me really miss the girls. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. They look like they are just having the time of their lives. And I think it’s great that you guys get to go swimming so often!! I would live in a swimming pool, if I could.

  4. I guess we’ve been lucky because it actually hasn’t rained at all the past week. But I really don’t mind it when it does rain, as long as it’s not all day long. I’m sure it will become more frequent as we get further into the rainy season, though.

  5. I really enjoyed all the pictures and the video. The girls really are growing. The flowers from your garden are simply beautiful and the arrangement is really lovely ( good Job).
    The little Bananaquit bird reminds me a lot of the female Oriole that has been visiting my feeder today ( along with a couple of her male friends) .
    It was nice to see the picture of the people in your branch. Juat enjoyed everything on your blog.

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