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Jul 2014

USA West Coast Road Trip

The good ol’ family road trip. It’s something we haven’t done for a long time in this part of the world. And this trip, our focus was on meeting up with friends and family and being reminded of what it’s like to live in a developed western country. On our way from Bali to the states, we had a long layover in the Seoul, Korea airport....

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May 2014

Best of Both Worlds

We love many things about Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. We love the inspiring scenery and near-perfect weather, healthy and affordable food of almost any cuisine, an earth-conscious community of entrepreneurs and activists, affordable household help, amazing massages for $6-15/hour, and the genuine smiles of laid-back locals. It’s a relaxed and thoughtful way of life that we’ve come to appreciate. But there are a few things we miss....

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Apr 2014

A Weekend in Perth Australia

Just a three-hour plane ride south of Bali lies Perth, Australia, where almost 2 million people live in mostly suburban housing surrounded by a dry desert-like landscape that reminds me a lot of Salt Lake City where I grew up, except with beaches instead of mountains. We needed a quick visa run this time, and chose to visit some friends in Perth, who we met...

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Nov 2013

Beach Clubs, Projects, and Kids

Recently, thanks to some friends, we discovered the wonders of beach clubs. Typically, I’m not a big fan of beaches. I do love looking at them, feeling the sand under my feet, and playing in the water and waves can be fun, too. But I have trouble enjoying the aftermath of sandy clothes and a sticky body, and if there’s no shade or food around,...

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Oct 2013

Creative Projects and Productivity

When we came back to Bali a few weeks ago, we really hit the ground running. We’ve been very busy, but also creative and productive, and have been enjoying our time immensely. Within one week, we found a house we wanted to live in. It’s a small 3-bedroom house near Ubud, but it’s completely unfurnished and needs some renovation. We signed a lease for 13...

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Oct 2013

Cruisin’ Caribbean

After our visit to Salt Lake, we took a cruise to Honduras, Belize, and Mexico. It was supposed to be a big family event with several extended family members, but for various reasons, each had to back out except for my sister’s family and mine. So our two families continued enjoying time together. :) The cruise left out of New Orleans and lasted one week,...

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Sep 2013

Living Beyond Labels

Remember when you were a child, and life was full of wonder and excitement? When every experience was new and you were fully present in each moment, feeling more than thinking, and enjoying your connection to everything you interacted with? What if you could jump back into that state of aliveness and appreciation, and experience life again, for the first time? I’m writing this post...

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Mar 2013

Gili Islands and Lombok

Living on a beautiful island like Bali doesn’t mean that life is always a vacation. We get into routines, meet with friends, take classes, work, and study. I recently gave a piano concert at my house (so much fun!) and the kids are learning and creating much in homeschool. We enjoy our lives so much! But sometimes, it’s nice to leave it all behind and...

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Jan 2013


Silence is blissful, distressing, revealing, and difficult to maintain. You may have noticed I haven’t written on this blog for over a month. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone. I’ve also been posting less on Facebook and Twitter. When we decided to settle in Bali, I wanted the next year to be one of contemplation, inner growth, and self-discovery. (Yes, even more than...

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Oct 2012

That Tingling Feeling

My body has never tingled so much since we moved to Bali! I’m not talking about my leg “falling asleep.” These are very pleasant feelings, sometimes subtle and soft, and other times overwhelming, causing my whole body to feel like it’s filled with lightning. Sometimes they’re accompanied by strong emotion and a feeling of relief and release. These sensations can be relaxing or energizing, peaceful...

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