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This week, my mom sent us a Spring/Easter package which contained some cards, candy, books, stickers, and more. We’ve been enjoying all that was inside the package, but we’ve had an unusual amount of fun with the cardboard box it came in.

When you don’t have a lot of toys laying around, and you’re stuck at home because you don’t have a car yet (more on this in a future post), you tend to get very creative with how you play.

One day while we were walking home from the bus, we saw a couple of boys sliding down a hill on a cardboard box, and the girls thought it would be fun to take apart the box that Grandma gave us, and slide down the little hill in our own backyard. So we did just that. Look how much fun we had!

Even days later when we had some friends come to visit, guess what our kids wanted to show off to their friends? Their computer games? Their new clothes? No, their cardboard box from Grandma Alli.

The kids have had a lot of fun making their own toys lately in other ways as well. We have probably two dozen paper and cardboard fairies now that the kids have cut out and decorated, and they love pretending to fly with them. They even cut out a “boy fairy” for me to color and use. I think it looks rather manly.


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  1. Glad I could be the benefactor of such a wonderful time. Who have thought the box would be enjoyed as much as the contents inside :)

    Love that creative kind of play. Have the girls found a special place in the garden to create a little hideout? That was always one of my favorite things as a young girl…. finding “rooms” inside of shrubs or trees in the garden where I could create a private little room to play in.

    I continue to love reading about your adventures.

  2. There’s a little place under the deck where they found the duck egg, that they like. But so far they’ve been more into exploring and playing with the ducks, looking for other bugs and animals, etc. But there are plenty of places to “hide” if they want to crawl through the bushes a bit.

  3. So I guess this is the Costa Rica version of “sledding”. :) It really is a lot of fun! I branched out today and tried riding on my back too, and I think that was even more entertaining. I think the girls are having almost as much fun watching the videos as they had making them. They especially like watching Marie’s grumpy-old-troll moments that didn’t make final cuts for the blog. ;)

  4. Amazing how much fun a card board box can be. It’s great to see everyone so happy and having so much fun.

  5. That looks like so much fun!! That is great you guys can be so resourceful and have a a blast with cardboard.

    I can’t wait until it’s warm where we live so we can slide down a hill on a cardboard box :)

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