Sunday Driving El Valle de Antón

On Sunday, we planned on going to the Penonome branch for church, about a 2-hour drive from El Valle. Fortunately, church started at 12pm (we thought), so we had time to get ready. We left a bit late, and really didn’t know how to get there, but we left anyway, and made our way to Penonome.

Penonome LDS branch

Penonome LDS branch

We got to the city right about noon, but had to ask directions in order to find the church. When we got there, about 12:15, we realized that church was actually from 9am-noon, and that we had missed it! I guess the times on the website were incorrect, and there was no phone number. The members were so friendly, though, and introduced us around, showed us pictures, and more. We stayed and talked with them for probably another 30 minutes before heading back out to our car.

El Valle is a pretty small town, so there’s no ward there, but there are about five members in El Valle, we found out, who come to the Penonome branch every week. We were disappointed that we missed church, but glad that we could meet the members, and also have a beautiful drive.

So we drove back another two hours, had some lunch at home, and then went for another drive around El Valle looking at the little streets, and exploring. It was a nice relaxing day.

That evening, as it was getting dark and we heard the frogs croaking, we went outside to see if we could see one. There was one croaking very loud right by our kitchen window. We looked through the bushes and everything, but couldn’t see him. But we were determined to see frogs! We walked down by the stream, led by the light of my iPhone (since we didn’t have a real flashlight). Thank heaven for iPhones! Sometimes the croaks were so load and so close, but we just couldn’t see a frog.

Finally, after walking to a larger part of the stream, I spotted one! Right on a rock! He was pretty small, maybe 1-2 inches long, and probably green or brown. Color was hard to tell because we didn’t have much light – remember, it’s pitch black at night. But he was cute. We watched as he hopped away into the water.

The sky was a little bit clearer tonight than past nights, and we could see lots of stars. Orion had so many more stars around it than I’m used to seeing. It was beautiful!

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  1. Jennifer Pearce Says: February 16, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    I am so glad we were finally able to spot a frog. I am also so happy that we found that nice man in Penenome who allowed us to follow him in his car to the church building!

  2. I love you all !

  3. Jennifer Says: March 17, 2009 at 5:31 pm


    I found your blog on Panama today. We’re taking the kids and grandparents in a few weeks. I want to spend Sunday in El Valle and go to church. Could you or your wife drop me a line via e-mail. I would love some insight from you re: your whole experience. I haven’t been back in 20+ years.



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