On Sunday, we went to the Volcan LDS branch – what great and kind people! We even got invited to dinner this week by a sweet retired couple who maintain this website of pictures of Volcan. We may be seeing other members this week as well.

Emily went to primary without a problem today, but Marie was too shy to go. During Relief Society, Jen said she was getting fussy, and someone gave her a cute piece of decorated paper to play with. After a while she was frustrated because she was trying to make a crown out of it so it would stay on her head, but it wouldn’t work. The woman got out some tape and made it into a crown for her. How nice!

My Spanish hasn’t been improving too much, because I’ve been having too much fun to study, but I can now successfully get around by taxi and order food at restaurants, pay the bill, etc.  I can also carry on simple conversations with people who speak slowly and clearly using simple words. I did finally buy a nice dictionary on my iPhone which is helping greatly so I can look things up as I hear them. I wish I would have done that at the beginning of our trip! It’s been so handy! (Before, I had to have Internet access to use the dictionary – not practical around here.)

Emily and Marie are picking up quite a bit of Spanish as well, mostly from the cartoons they watch. Sometimes we’ll hear Marie blurt out phrases like “está bien”, “cuidado”, or “vamanos”. Emily continues to ask what different words mean or how to say something in Spanish. I’m so glad that Jen does such a great job at taking care of us, though, as it would be much more difficult without a good knowledge of Spanish.

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  1. Yes, the people were so extremely nice at church. Very friendly and helpful and kind. I’m glad the girls are getting a little more comfortable using the few Spanish phrases they have learned too! It will be great to have that dictionary on your iphone as well. :)

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