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Hello, from Victoria, BC, Canada! We are here until December, and are currently living in a beautiful rental home near the water. There are many things we’re enjoying about our new home, including the walkability, the neighborhood, the community, and the fabulous property. Let me show you around! In this video, I start at a nearby beach, but then take you on a tour, showing this lovely...

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A Car! A Car! My Kingdom for a Car! Costa Rica

After weeks of looking for cars, filling out paperwork, dealing with required lawyers, setting up a corporation, waiting for wire transfers, waiting for plates, waiting for repairs, and lots of red tape, we… still don’t have a car… Before we moved here, we were told it’s difficult to get things done in Costa Rica – that everything moves at a slower pace here. And I...

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Jen and Brandon at the Temple Costa Rica

We’ve been living in our house in Grecia, Costa Rica for over a week now and are starting to feel more settled. The plumbing issues have all been fixed, our Internet is working, and we’re starting to get into more productive routines. Now that we’re “living” here, more than “vacationing”, we’re finding ourselves settling into many of the habits we had before we left (ie....

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Ininiti G37 Household

Jen and I have been driving old ’94 and ’95 Toyota Corollas, ever since we’ve been married. These have been great little cars, but they’re both getting to the point now where they need some kind of maintenance every few months (belts or spark plugs replaced, new alternator, etc.). They’re also rather noisy and when the air conditioning is on, we almost have to shout...

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