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In this week’s video, Emily, Marie, and Aysia share some of their memories from Spanish speaking countries. My niece recently asked us to create a video for her Spanish class in school and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share with our readers, as well. Some of the memories include Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, Machu Pichu in Peru, ziplining in Costa Rica, the...

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42 Things I Did in 2011 Costa Rica / Malaysia / Personal / Travel

Last year, I wrote a list of 77 Things I Did in 2010. Every time I read through it, I feel amazed at all we were able to accomplish in that short year. Compared to 2010, 2011 seems less exciting and even less productive, but it’s been richer in other ways. For example, this has been a year full of new and wonderful friendships, and we’ve spent...

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Overwhelmed By Travel Malaysia / Penang / Personal / Travel

Have you ever gone on vacation, and after returning home felt like you needed even more time to recuperate from it? I have. This usually happens when you keep yourself busy seeing all the sites and doing all the fun activities you planned, while not leaving much down time for resting or thinking. As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been keeping very busy...

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Rainy day Costa Rica / Productivity

Last week we went with some friends to the Osa Peninsula — a very remote part of Costa Rica accessible only by boat where there is no Internet access, no cell phone service, and no electricity unless you have your own power source. And we had a fabulous time! Below, I’ll be sharing some photos and videos highlighting our trip. But first I’d like to...

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Why I Don’t Want Health Insurance Personal / Travel

We frequently hear the question, especially from those looking to move abroad, “What do you guys do about health insurance?” My answer: “We don’t have any type of health insurance, and I think it’s a waste of money.” While many of my international friends will nod in agreement, or at least understand this statement, those back in the U.S. are most likely cocking their heads...

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It’s a Girl! Family / Personal

I held onto the hope of having a boy as long as I could, but the doctor said it’s time to let it go – this one is definitely going to be a girl. So, in June, we’ll be a family of five: four girls, and one boy (me). Regardless of the baby’s gender, we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to bring another child into...

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Escazu Costa Rica

Well, this is it. We’re leaving Grecia, which has been our home now for over a year. We’ve loved it here, and we’ll miss the beautiful scenery, slower pace of life, super-friendly people, and our fantastic view of the central valley. However, we’re only moving about an hour away, and since this is still Costa Rica, I’m sure we’ll continue to meet friendly, laid-back people,...

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All Together Now Costa Rica / Family

The past few weeks, we’ve been very busy looking for our next home, and I haven’t had much time to write this blog post. I’ll talk about the house hunting later, but for now, I’m going to reminisce about the fun times we had together with my mom and my sister’s family when they were here for a visit a few weeks ago. Like me,...

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Uvita - cropped Costa Rica / Personal / Travel

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past few weeks. We’ve been trying to decide where we’d like to have our baby, and where we’d like to live for the majority of next year. After looking at several different countries, we realized that there weren’t a lot of options for dual citizenship in countries we would want to live long-term right now. Yes, Canada...

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balcony Costa Rica / Personal / Travel

Wow! It feels so good to be back here in Costa Rica! I love the warmth weather (a perfect 65-75 degrees), the lush, green vegetation and breathtaking views all around, the friendly, smiling people, the inexpensive food, the spaciousness and quietness of our rental house and the gardens surrounding it, and no plans of anything to see or do — just total freedom to do...

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