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Yesterday, we made the 1.5 hour drive from Boquete to Volcán, Panama. While Boquete is beautiful, and many people choose it as a retirement destination, it didn’t hold a whole lot of luster for us as a place to stay more than a few days. We found the town to be a bit too crowded and cramped for our tastes. As soon as we made...

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On Wednesday, we left El Valle and headed out for our next stop – Boquete – a five hour drive on the Pan-American highway. We left our rental house about 9:00 a.m. and drove straight to Penonome (1.5 hours) for gas and snacks – with a couple stops along the way for Emily to recover from car sickness. She threw up once on the way...

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Panama City

Today, we had another wonderful daily breakfast at the Balboa Inn. (I especially love the fresh fruit.) Then we had a taxi pick us up and stay with us most of the day. He offerred to do so the night before when he dropped us off, so we had our own driver today for about $50.  One thing I forgot to mention yesterday about Panama...

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