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General Conference To-do’s Household

The past two days, we have been watching the annual April LDS General Conference. I always enjoy watching Conference, and as usual, gained a clearer perspective about life, what is most important, and where my focuses should be to bring the greatest happiness. Here are my todo’s from Conference. Many of these weren’t mentioned at all by the speakers, but they’re what I feel I...

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Since coming back from Panama, Jennifer and I have been amazed at how quickly life has hit us! It seems there is no end to the distractions that take us away from our family, and our focus on what’s most important. The first few days at home were wonderful, and we still had what we feel was a healthier mindset. We were still productive, we...

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This vacation was truly like no other I’ve experienced. Usually, we spend our vacations running from one activity to another, and come back to a mess of things to do, making us even more stressed than before we left. We usually need a vacation from our vacation. This time, however, we really felt rejuvenated, and have a renewed energy to get back into life. I...

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When we set out on this adventure of spending six weeks in Panama, we didn’t realize how much it would affect our family. We had never spent so much consecutive time together, done so many new things together, and been so far away from home together. Before we left, we had a few expectations, or at least hopes about what we would gain from this...

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