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Summary I’m excited to share 5 steps to help your family begin traveling long-term. These are things I’ve done myself that helped create a lifestyle that allows me and my family to travel the world indefinitely. In the past 7 years, we’ve traveled to and lived in over 32 different countries, and our lives have been deeply enriched because of it. We’ve grown closer together...

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When we set out on this adventure of spending six weeks in Panama, we didn’t realize how much it would affect our family. We had never spent so much consecutive time together, done so many new things together, and been so far away from home together. Before we left, we had a few expectations, or at least hopes about what we would gain from this...

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Balancing Work and Life Productivity

Automation and Leverage I’ve always loved the idea of automation. I remember when I was about twelve years old, I loved dreaming about how, in the “future”, we’d simply press a button, and we’d have our food. We’d press another button, and we’d be dressed. We’d press another button and we’d be clear across the world. Well, that hasn’t really happened, and arguments could be...

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