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Why I Don’t Want Health Insurance Personal / Travel

We frequently hear the question, especially from those looking to move abroad, “What do you guys do about health insurance?” My answer: “We don’t have any type of health insurance, and I think it’s a waste of money.” While many of my international friends will nod in agreement, or at least understand this statement, those back in the U.S. are most likely cocking their heads...

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At the library Costa Rica

We have now been in Costa Rica for over two weeks! Since we got here, we haven’t been doing many “touristy” things. Instead, we’ve been busy trying to find a place to live. And I think we finally found it! But there is so much else that happened this week, I’m going to leave the house hunting out of this post, and I’ll cover that...

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On our first morning in Boquete, we received quite a shock about the place where we’re staying (Cabanas Sabrin). When we stepped into the shower, we discovered there was no hot water! All the faucets, including the shower, have only an option for cold water. So we both took cold showers, which really woke us up! And Boquete is colder than where we came from...

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