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We’re Moving to Costa Rica Costa Rica

Wait! Moving?! As in “one-way ticket”? As in, “you’re not coming back?” Yep. That’s right. Are we crazy? Probably. You’re kidding, right? But… WHY?!! Well, you already know how much we enjoyed our trip to Panama. True, that was more of a vacation-mindset trip than it was a “living in another country” trip, but we still experienced our share of culture, language, and grew closer...

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Okay, so for those wondering if we’re considering a possible permanent move out of the country, I’m going to say now, “Yes, we’re considering it.” We don’t know when or where or for how long. We may not do it at all, but it sure is fun to dream about. :) We have realized a few things, however. We definitely do not want to be...

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