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Sick in Kuching, Borneo Malaysia Kuching / Malaysia

We had already spent more than three months in peninsular Malaysia, but we’d heard that Malaysian Borneo was completely different.  And in some ways, it was different, with the numerous indigenous cultures that are prevalent, and being closer to many national parks. However, on our 10 day visa run there, we still found it to be distinctly Malaysian, with some of the same quirks as...

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Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, and Orang Utan Island Ipoh and Cameron Highlands / Malaysia / Travel

We recently left Penang, Malaysia for Kuala Lumpur — about five hours away by car — and we’re loving it here! But on the way, we took a short trip to the Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, and also visited Orang Utan Island rehabilitation center to view some of our closer primate relatives. Our first stop was Orang Utan island, in the middle of a large lake,...

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