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A Scrumptious Hibernation in Nelson, New Zealand Education / Family / Food / Music / New Zealand / Personal / Travel

Believe it or not, we’re homebodies. It may seem paradoxical that we’re also long-term traveling, worldschooling adventurers. Those things don’t typically go together, do they? But for us, they seem to work out quite magically. I’m reminded of the hobbits in Lord of the Rings. They aren’t necessarily wired for adventures, but some find travel to be invaluably “precious” in their journey through life. We see worldschooling as a...

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Fun with Music Education / Family / Music / Personal

We’ve really enjoyed having a couple months to settle here in Victoria, BC. One thing we’ve all appreciated having more time for is music. The day after we arrived, I rented a piano keyboard from a local music store, and finished putting out recordings of some new pieces I started writing back in Bali. These involve piano, as well as my voice, and other ambient sounds. Have a listen below,...

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Epcot globe Travel

This past week we enjoyed some time at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It’s been a great week, and it started out with a bit of culture shock. The first few days, we found ourselves speaking Spanish to people accidentally, which was a little embarrassing. But it turns out a lot of people in Orlando speak Spanish. The rest just ignored us, fortunately. We were...

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